Free Printable Greeting Cards and Templates for All Occasions

Last Updated: June 26, 2024

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Greeting cards have become a staple in expressing our feelings on various occasions. But let's talk about a game-changer – printable greeting cards. Yep, you heard it right.

These babies are making waves, and we're about to dive into why.

Picture this: the traditional charm of a greeting card meets the tech-savvy magic of videos. Enter printable video greeting cards – the new cool kids on the block. No, this isn't your grandma's card; this is a whole new awesome level.

You can rely on an online free greeting card generator for all this and more, so keep reading.

Printable video greeting cards: the ultimate upgrade

A printable video greeting card marks the evolution of a timeless tradition offering a unique way to express your sentiments. 

Bridging the gap between the nostalgic charm of physical cards and the dynamic possibilities of modern technology.

With an online greeting card maker as your creative companion, you have the power to craft innovative greetings that create lasting impressions.

Also, even when including videos, the flexibility of printing your greeting cards remains, allowing you to effortlessly share your heartfelt messages through traditional mail or as e-cards online, using social media platforms and email.

Aside from containing video greetings, there are other things that your video message cards can do.

GiftLips: The FREE printable card maker

GiftLips is an online greeting card generator where you can find free greeting cards to print.

It offers more than just adding a video to your greeting cards and creating free printable greeting cards online.

When receivers scan the QR code on your greeting cards, they're redirected to a feed with multiple short-form videos they can like and comment on.

Think about your favorite video-sharing social media platform… yes, THAT one, but imagine it on your greeting card that only a few exclusive people with the greeting card can access. Awesome! 

This way, your greeting card is not only for sending greetings and messages. It becomes a two-way medium that can help recipients reciprocate your appreciation.  

The best part about this online greeting card generator is there's no sign-up fee! You can generate and download printable cards for FREE!

Types of FREE printable video greeting cards you can make

GiftLips offers different card templates for all occasions. Here are 10 different card types you can generate with videos.

1. Congratulations card – cheers to success

Show someone you’re excited and want to celebrate their success by sending a congratulations card. 

Whether it’s a new job, a new home, a newborn baby girl or baby boy, a wedding, etc., these free printable cards online are the perfect way to send your warmest congratulations. 

Convenient and inexpensive, printable video cards let you show your appreciation with a unique gesture of thoughtfulness.

2. Birthday greeting card – celebrate with videos

Send a birthday card with video messages to wish someone a happy birthday in a meaningful and personal way.

It’s a budget-friendly and unique gift idea you can give someone. 

There’s a card for all kinds of birthday celebrations, whether it be a regular birthday, a sweet 16 or quinceanera, a golden birthday, a baby’s 1st birthday, etc.

Plan your videos well and experiment with concepts like personal free printable birthday cards, milestone slideshows, gift scavenger hunts, message relays, etc. 

3. Anniversary card  – celebrate another year

Whether you’re a guest at an anniversary party or a relevant person to the anniversary, create printable greeting cards for the anniversary to celebrate another year of success and growth.

It’s a versatile card for weddings, business, job anniversaries, etc.

You can put videos on your card that show the best parts of the past year, the challenges you faced, your growth, and your plans for the future.

4. Valentine's vibe card – love in videos

Valentine’s Day is more special when you include a printable Valentine’s card and your gifts. 

They are more romantic and intimate than ready-made cards because you can express your deepest feelings through more than just words.

You can add a message, POV videos, hilarious clips from random days, a serenade, a photo slideshow, music and movie clips, etc. 

5. Christmas card – videos for holidays

It is and will always be a tradition to send a Christmas greeting card on one of the year’s most important holidays. 

But this time, you can upgrade your greeting card free with videos from you or your friends. Using GiftLips, you can send an invitation link to the people with whom you want to collaborate with.

Dispatch personalized greetings, Christmas carol relays, and warm wishes through printable Christmas card ideas. 

You can make a Christmas carol relay, family’s season video greetings, Christmas wishes from friends, etc.  

6. Free printable special day cards

From Women's Day to Teacher's Day, a card is always dedicated to the most important days that celebrate and recognize the importance of every person in this world.

Other dedications include Mother's Day, Father's Day, Nurses' Day, etc.

Whether it's a profession or an important role, dedication cards, especially with videos, are grand gestures of appreciation and support.

7. Free printable wedding greeting cards

Dedicate cards to Women's Day, Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, and beyond using an online greeting card maker. 

A card is always dedicated to the most important days that celebrate and recognize the importance of every person in this world.

Whether it’s a profession or an important role, dedication cards, especially with videos, are grand gestures of appreciation and support.

8. Free printable holiday cards

From the 4th of July message to the Vietnamese New Year, you can create and print personalized greeting cards with videos for any international and national holidays.

Aside from greeting cards, you can also create invitation cards with videos using GiftLips.

Choose a template, add your video, download, and print. It’s really that simple!

9. Free printable thank you card

Unique appreciation gifts to thank your friends for their support, gifts, or sympathies are best paired with a printable thank you card. 

When you use GiftLips, you can make printable wedding thank you cards with short-form video feeds where receivers can post their comments or like your videos.

Using GiftLips to generate a free printable thank you card is the cheapest way to make a personalized greeting card.

10. Free printable religious greeting cards

You can find greeting card templates for special religious holidays like Easter, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Purim, etc. Make sincere and entertaining cards when you add videos to them. 

Let your creativity run free and bring your imagination to life. There are different types of video concepts that you can add to your greeting cards. You can include prayers, messages, wishes, and many more.

How to make FREE printable greeting cards and add videos

GiftLips is a free greeting card generator that lets you personalize your cards by adding videos for free. Here's how to make printable greeting cards for free using GiftLips:

  1. Choose an occasion
  2. Then, select your greeting card template
  3. Add a short custom message
  4. Then, click Next Step
  5. Add or record your videos and audio
  6. Once done, click Done Uploading to see a preview of your greeting card
  7. Then, click Download Card to save your card for printing
  8. Or, click Invite Friends to send a collaboration invite link to your friends

How to print greeting cards at home

The cheapest way to print greeting cards is to print them at home. Printing a video message card is like your typical printing sesh but with a few modifications.

  1. Retrieve downloaded greeting cards on your computer files
  2. Then, click the print icon or press Ctrl + P
  3. Choose a paper type
  4. Then, customize the photo size
  5. Lastly, press Print

Print your greeting cards and add video clips for free

Free printable greeting cards are a practical and budget-friendly way to make greeting cards without compromising quality. Even though they're free, you can make free greeting cards unique and personalized.

GiftLips, a video greeting card generator, allows you to add multiple short-form videos from you or your friends. 

Download and print your greeting cards today for free when you create them with GiftLips for FREE today! 

Sign-up is free while it lasts. No credit card is required.

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