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Your Greetings Matter

We believe that your greetings matter in GiftLips.

That’s why we let you give your recipient the chance to choose what they really want from our choices of gift cards.

You can choose from Starbucks, Spotify, Walmart, Sephora, and even Amazon.

Start creating your greetings with GiftLips Gift Cards as the perfect way to make every gift extraordinary.

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Heartfelt Personalized Greetings

Elevate your customized messages with GiftLips. You can easily create a personalized greeting for each chosen gift card, making it a heartfelt expression of your feelings.

Surely, your recipient will appreciate the extra thought and effort you put into their gifts.

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Endless Choices of Gift Cards

GiftLips Gift Cards has a vast array of partners, we ensure that your recipient gets exactly what they want.

You’re not limited to just one store or restaurant, GiftLips Gift Cards has everything for you.

Whether your recipient is a foodie, a fashionista, or a techie person, there’s a gift card for them.

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Cherished Memories, Unforgettable Experiences

Let the excitement continue with GiftLips Gift Cards.

The joy of receiving a GiftLips Gift Card doesn’t end with the unwrapping. It leads to unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

Your recipient can use the gift card to buy something they’ve been wanting, or to try something new.

Either way, they’re sure to have a memorable experience from their gift cards.

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Hassle-free Delivery, Your Instant Gratification

You don’t have to worry about the shipping! Our GiftLips Gift Cards are delivered instantly to the recipient’s email, making gifting quick and hassle-free.

Easily send a GiftLips Gift Card at any time of day or night, no matter where you are in the world.

Just make sure to choose the perfect gift card for your recipient.

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Why Choose GiftLips Gift Cards?

Celebrate Every Occasion

With GiftLips Gift Cards, we’ve got everything for you!

Name it!
We got the perfect gift for every occasion. From birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and weddings, and even the holidays, too, GiftLips has a gift card for every celebration.

Our GiftLips gifting solution is fit for anyone, may it be a colleague, a client, or a loved one.

Shop with Confidence

Gift confidently with GiftLips Gift Cards!

Our gift card selections are accepted at leading retailers like Amazon, Sephora, and even Walmart.

We make everything easy for you and for your recipient. GiftLips helps you find the perfect gift for your loved ones and colleagues.

The Gift of Choice

Let your loved ones choose what they really want with GiftLips Gift Cards.

This is the perfect solution for you to impart a personalized message through a greeting card and “the gift of choice.”

With a GiftLips Gift Card, your recipient will surely be happy with their gifts.

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Choose from Three Ways to Send Your Greeting Card

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Swiftly share your greeting card via email or link

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions.

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How do GiftLips Gift Cards work?

GiftLips Gift Cards have a simple four-step process: Choose a greeting card, select a gift card, add a personal message through video or audio recordings, and send it to the recipient. We make gifting easy and meaningful.

What occasions are GiftLips Gift Cards suitable for?

GiftLips gift cards are perfect for all occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and weddings. You can even use them for welcoming new employees, thank your teams, and especially holiday celebrations.

Can I personalize my greetings with GiftLips Gift Cards?

Absolutely! You can write a heartfelt message on the greeting card, record a video, or include an audio clip for a personal touch. You can also add a gift card and let your recipient choose the gift they want. Your recipient will cherish this unique greeting.

How extensive is your selection of gift cards?

We have a vast array of leading retailers, ensuring your recipient gets exactly what they want. Whether they're a foodie, a fashionista, or a tech enthusiast, we have a gift card for them.

Are GiftLips Gift Cards environmentally friendly?

Yes, we are committed to sustainability. All our gift cards are eco-friendly, and we work to reduce our carbon footprint to protect the environment.

How can I deliver my video greeting card to the recipient?

GiftLips Gift Cards have three options: mail and deliver, print at your home or office, or send via email or link. Choose the method that suits you and your recipient best.

Can I trust the security and convenience of GiftLips?

Yes, absolutely! We take the security of your personal and financial information seriously. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless shopping experience, and our instant delivery adds convenience, too.

Can I use GiftLips Gift Cards internationally?

Yes, you can send GiftLips Gift Cards from anywhere in the world. Our instant email delivery ensures your gift arrives on time, no matter where you or your recipient are located. Choose the right location for your intended recipient’s address to ensure that they will receive the exact gift card you chose for them.

What sets GiftLips Gift Cards apart from traditional gifts?

GiftLips Gift Cards offer the "gift of choice." With our selection of gift cards, your recipient gets to choose what they really want, leading to unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

Are there any additional fees when using GiftLips Gift Cards?

There are no hidden fees when using GiftLips Gift Cards. You only pay for the gift card value you select, and delivery is often FREE.