Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GiftLips?

GiftLips is an innovative online store for greeting cards that lets you send personalized video greeting cards for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, weddings, or any special occasion and holidays.

You can also use GiftLips for welcoming new employees, showing appreciation to your team, and expressing gratitude to partners and clients.

Is Giftlips free?

GiftLips is also a free online greeting card maker that enables you to make free printable greeting cards.

You can download these cards as PDFs and print them on your own or directly send them to your loved ones as a free e-card.

But we also offer greeting card printing and shipping services, so you can relax while we deliver your card directly to your loved one's doorstep.

How does GiftLips work?

1. How to get started with GiftLips

Getting started with GiftLips is easy! Simply sign up for an account and follow the three simple steps to create a video greeting card.

2. How do I create a personalized video greeting card with GiftLips?

GiftLips offers a wide selection of greeting cards for all occasions that you can customize and add videos.

You can customize your greetings and video messages to make them unique and heartfelt.

To make a personalized card with a video, choose a card and add a personal card message that will be printed on it.

Then, record or upload your videos or invite other people to collaborate so they can add their videos directly to your card.

After checking out, you can download your work as a printable card or have your greeting card shipped directly to your recipient.

They can watch your videos through their phones when they scan the QR code that’s incorporated into your card's design.

3. Are there any limitations on the length of the video or audio messages I can include in a greeting card?

While some platforms may have limitations, GiftLips typically provides enough space to include a thoughtful video or audio message. You can check the specific limitations on our platform and contact our support team.

4. Can I customize the greetings and video messages in my cards?

Absolutely! With GiftLips, you can personalize your greeting cards with audio and video messages. You can make your cards as unique and heartfelt as you'd like.

5. Can I add other files aside from videos?

Yes, GifftLips supports audio and video files. Upgrade your traditional greeting cards by sending them with videos as a gift. But GiftLips greeting card maker also allows you to add audio files because we understand that not everyone loves to be in front of the camera.

6. Can I add other elements to my video greeting card, such as photos or gift cards?

Yes, you can include additional elements in your video greeting cards. You can add photos and videos and even attach a gift card to make your greeting special.

7. What size is the greeting card?

Our greeting cards are printed on a 7 × 5 inches or 17.78 cm x 12.7 cm high-quality glossy card.

8. Can I see examples of video greeting cards with GiftLips?

Yes, our website has a gallery of sample greeting cards to give you inspiration and ideas for creating unique messages.

How GiftLips make gifting easier

9. What makes GiftLips different from traditional greeting cards?

GiftLips offers a more personal and interactive way to convey your sentiments. You can make your greetings unique and heartfelt with video and audio messages, enhancing the recipient's experience.

10. What occasions can I use GiftLips for?

You can use GiftLips for various occasions, including birthdays, work anniversaries, welcoming new employees, showing appreciation to your team, and expressing gratitude to partners and clients.

11. What types of greeting cards are available on GiftLips?

We offer a wide range of greeting card designs for various occasions, ensuring that you can find the perfect card to match your heartfelt message.

12. Can I invite friends and family to send their greetings as well?

Yes, GiftLips allows you to extend your thoughtfulness by inviting friends and family to join in and send their heartfelt greetings. It's a great way to make the recipient's experience even more special.

13. Can I invite my corporate circle to participate in creating and sending greeting cards?

​​Yes, GiftLips allows you to invite your corporate circle to participate, promoting unity and shared goodwill within your professional network.

14. Is GiftLips suitable for business and professional relationships?

Absolutely! GiftLips is an excellent tool for cultivating and strengthening professional relationships.

You can use it to recognize employee achievements, welcome new team members, and show appreciation to partners and clients.

Sending gifts with GiftLips

15. Can I use GiftLips to make cards other than greeting cards?

Yes, GiftLips is a versatile online video greeting card maker that can accommodate all your card needs, from birthday cards, invitation cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, and even video greeting cards for business.

16. How can I distribute the video greeting cards?

You have three different options for distributing your greeting cards: you can send them via mail and deliver physical copies, print them at the office and share them in person, or send them electronically via email or a link.

17. Can I use GiftLips to send greeting cards internationally?

Yes, GiftLips offers international shipping to selected countries.

18. How long will my recipient be able to access and view their greeting card?

Your recipient will receive a QR code greeting card through the mail, and they can scan it to watch your greetings. They'll be able to cherish it for years to come.

19. What payment method does GiftLips accept?

GiftLips accepts major debit and credit card payments, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and China UnionPay. Additionally, we also support e-wallet transactions, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe payment gateway.

20. Can I trust GiftLips for secure and timely delivery of my video greeting cards?

GiftLips takes care of the logistics for you, ensuring that your cards are delivered securely and in a timely manner. We've got you covered by mail, in-person delivery, or electronically.

21. How long does it take for the recipient to receive the greeting card after I send it?

The delivery time can vary depending on the distribution method you choose. Physical cards sent via mail may take a few days, while electronic cards sent via email or link are usually delivered instantly.

GiftLips QR code

22. What devices can scan my greeting card QR code?

Your greeting card QR code is scannable using any smartphone, tablet, or other device with a QR code scanner or an iOS 11 or Android 9 operating system.

23. Is there a scan limit to my greeting card?

No, your recipients can scan your greeting card QR code as many times as they wish and view your videos anytime. But for free cards, recipients can scan the QR code up to 15 times

24. Will the QR code in my greeting card expire?

Yes, the QR code on your greeting card will expire after 21 days, but you can extend the video expiration during checkout.

Troubleshooting greeting card issues and policies

25. What happens if my greeting card is lost or damaged during shipment?

GiftLips has a policy for lost or damaged greeting cards during shipment. Please refer to it here.