10 Reasons Why Greeting Cards Online are Great

Last Updated: March 1, 2024

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Sending greeting cards online or offline is a thoughtful gesture that people use to express a sentiment, convey a kindhearted message, or celebrate a special occasion.

Traditionally, greeting cards were made of paper or cardstock in different designs, styles, and colors.

They often come with a blank space for handwritten or personalized messages. Today’s version of a greeting card incorporates tradition and innovation.

Today, you can add videos to your greetings. But instead of sending an e-card, you can send them as a printed video greeting card.

A video greeting card gives a unique spin on any greeting

Video greeting card

The video greeting card offers a new way of sending your greetings.

Instead of the usual card and personalized word combo, you can now send cards, words, and videos all in a single, uniquely designed greeting card. How?

Your video greeting card contains a dynamic QR code to attach your video files.

So, your recipients can scan the QR code on their mobile phones, and presto! Your videos will instantly appear on their phone screen.

This way, your greetings won’t be limited to just words, so you can get creative and come up with special video ideas.

Your cards will embody your unique personality and style, which adds to their sentimental value. 

Personalized cards, especially with special features like videos, are also more heartfelt and sincere than regular mass-produced cards.

10 reasons why greeting cards online are perfect for any occasion

Whether sending it alone or pairing it with cool gift ideas, a greeting card is perfect for any occasion. Here are 10 reasons why you need online greeting cards for any occasion.

1. Browse and select the perfect card at your fingertips

A unique advantage of web-based greeting cards is providing convenience for customers.

With just a few taps and clicks on your desktop or mobile phone, you can access different cards from different stores within the comfort of your own home.

Online-based greeting card companies make it simple for customers to browse greeting cards by categorizing cards by occasion, theme, recipient, etc. 

Some companies allow you to create an account to store your recipient's information, important dates, and reminders. This way, you'll never miss a Hanukkah dinner or forget your online best friend’s address again.

2. Send a greeting card online to anyone, anywhere in the world through postage or social media

Happy birthday card

You’ll only need your mobile phone or computer and an internet connection to send and make a greeting card online for loved ones from anywhere in the world.

After personalizing your cards, most greeting card companies offer to mail them as physical cards to your recipients. 

Online card companies offer a range of delivery options, including instant delivery, scheduled delivery, and tracking of delivery status, to ensure that your cards arrive on time and in the right place.

Accessibility also includes sending a card online as an e-card via email or sharing it on social media. It’s best for unexpected occasions or last-minute greetings, as it lets you send a card instantly without worrying about delivery times or delays.

3. Customize your card with personal messages and videos

One distinct feature of a web-based greeting card is that it allows you to create a truly unique card that reflects your personal style and emotions through personalization. 

You can add personal messages and even videos to your cards so you can create a greeting card that’s as special as your recipient. A video message card upload videos from you or your friends, giving you complete control over the design of your card. 

Customize your messages and wishes to the occasion or recipient to create a truly one-of-a-kind greeting card.

You can choose from pre-written messages or write your own. By creating personalized cards, you can express your emotions in a sincere and meaningful way.

4. Add an element of surprise and excitement to your greetings

Adding an element of surprise to your greeting card adds to the excitement of the recipient and enhances their overall experience. For example, you can add music and videos to your cards to make them more engaging and entertaining. 

Another unique twist is to gamify your greeting card. Incorporate interactive games or quizzes to add fun and excitement to the greeting card. 

Using an online greeting card generator to level up your card, you can make them more special and memorable, making anyone want to keep and receive your one-of-a-kind Christmas or Valentine's Day card.

5. Reducing paper waste and promoting sustainability by choosing e-cards

Traditional paper greeting cards often come with a significant environmental cost, from producing and transporting paper products to the energy required to produce them. 

Though you can send your free greeting cards online as printed greeting cards, you can also choose to send them as an e-card to promote sustainability and reduce paper waste. E-cards are mostly made and delivered online, so there’s really no need for paper or physical transportation. 

By sending environmentally-friendly e-cards, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re not only sending unique cards, but you’re also doing your part to protect the planet by making small positive changes, one greeting card at a time.

6. Use your cards for any occasions

Birthday card

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or a random day to show appreciation, a personalized greeting card is a thoughtful way to show that you value your loved ones. 

With online card makers, you can easily customize cards to fit any occasion. You can choose from a range of designs and layouts to create the perfect card to match the theme and style of your event.

You can add video and audio clips to make your cards special. Personalized greeting cards for special days have the power to elevate any occasion.

7. Browse through a wider selection of greeting card templates 

To find the perfect greeting card that matches the recipient's interests, style, and personality, you’ll need to browse through a wide selection of templates. Online greeting card companies offer a broad selection of greeting card templates, including birthdays, holidays, weddings, and more.

With just a few taps on your phone, you can browse through hundreds of different customizable templates to add your videos, audio, personal messages, etc. 

By going through greeting card shops online, you’ll have a wider selection of greeting card templates. You can then find the perfect greeting card, and personalize it to your liking, all from the comforts of your home.

8. Keep track of important dates and reminders, so you never miss an occasion

If you find it hard to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, an online card is perfect for you. Many online card companies offer a feature where you can keep important dates and reminders using their system. 

You can set up automatic reminders for upcoming events, so you'll never get in trouble for forgetting to send that anniversary greeting card to a loved one EVER again.

9. Encrypted payment when you buy online greeting cards to protect your personal information

Purchasing greeting cards through web-based shops is not only convenient and eco-friendly, but also safe and secure.  Their online card payment method uses advanced encryption to make sure that your personal information and payment details are kept secure and confidential.

Online card companies have strict privacy policies to protect their customers’ private information. They will never share your information with third parties without your consent, and take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to their databases.

10. Show more feelings and emotions to recipients 

Greeting cards are great at conveying emotions, but with a little bit of personalization, you can take your cards to the next level. By adding videos, you can express more feelings and emotions to the recipient than with traditional cards with just text and images.

Record a heartfelt message, share a funny moment, create a montage of photos, or even invite your friends to share their captured memories. Personalizing your greeting cards shows your effort and sincerity. 

Shop for the best greeting cards and add personal videos using GiftLips

Online greeting cards

You can buy uniquely designed greeting cards for all occasions on GiftLips. It’s an online greeting card store and generator that lets you add videos and audio to your cards. With GiftLips, you can send your card as an e-card or a physical greeting card.  

GiftLips greeting cards have a dynamic QR code where you can add your videos. So, you can still send a physical greeting card to your recipients, but with a twist. They’ll only need to scan the QR code on your greeting card with their phones to view your videos.

What’s more? GiftLips enables your recipients to like and comment on your videos. Now, that’s what’s up!

How to make your own video greeting card in 4 easy steps using GiftLips

Here’s how you can make your own greeting card and add videos using GiftLips in 4 simple and easy-to-follow steps:

1. Choose a template

Go to GiftLips and choose a template that you like. Tap Use This template

2. Add personal messages

Write your personal message and tap Next

3. Add your videos 

Tap Record video or Record audio to record a video or audio clip
Or tap Upload videos to upload videos from your device.

4. Save or Print and Ship

Lastly, tap Save for Later to go back and edit your greeting card

Or tap Print and Ship to send your card directly to your recipient

Greeting cards are the perfect gift when you make, buy, or send them online

Creating, sending, or shopping for greeting cards online is convenient, has a wider selection of card templates, personalizes your message, and sends them instantly anywhere in the world. 

You can also add an element of surprise and excitement with videos by creating a video greeting card that creates a lasting impression on your recipients.

Check out GiftLips and sign up to make a greeting card online for FREE! No credit card needed.

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