How to Make a Video Greeting Card in 4 Easy Steps for Free

Last Updated: February 4, 2024

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Learning how to make a video greeting card is fast and easy. Thanks to a greeting card generator online, you can now personalize greeting cards by adding videos to them using your phone or any mobile device for FREE!

Videos can captivate the hearts of your recipients, transforming your regular greeting card into an entertaining experience. By personalizing your greeting cards with photos, audio, and videos, you can offer a heartfelt and memorable greeting card you can pair with any gift.

Your personalized video greeting card can do more than just make your gifts special and unique. Find out what your video-customized greeting card can do and how to make one for free.

How to make a video greeting card for free

Video greeting card

Kiss your traditional, store-bought cards goodbye and say hello to personalized cards with videos; you can make these in less than 5 minutes!

Here are 4 easy steps you can follow: 

Step 1: Choose a card design for the occasion 

Go to the GiftLips free online greeting card maker and choose a card that matches the occasion

Tap Use this Template and add a short written greeting to your card

Then, tap Next 

Step 2: Upload or record heartfelt videos 

Tap Record Video to capture your video through your phone

Or tap Upload Video to transfer videos from your device to your card

Step 3: Preview your videos

Tap Generate Preview to preview and check if your videos are up and playable

When you’re done and satisfied with your videos, proceed to Step 4

If you want to save your progress for now and resume it later, tap Save for Later

Optional: Tap Invite Others to allow your friends to add their videos directly to your card 

Step 4: Download or send your video card

Tap Download to save your card to your device for free

Or tap Print and Ship to send an actual card to your recipient

Then, scan the QR code on your card to check if it’s working

Why greeting cards with videos are better than regular ones

Personalization sets a video greeting card apart from a store-bought one.  You can customize it by adding special videos for the recipient, making it sincere and sentimental.

GiftLips uses a dynamic video QR code that lets you add videos and other digital media to your card (not an e-card), so you can send your videos in a greeting card to your recipient. This can accompany your gifts or be the gift itself. 

Making and sending greeting cards online is also an advantage for busy people who don’t have enough time to create a personalized card but are thoughtful enough to make a loved one feel special.

It only takes 5 minutes (or less) to make a greeting card on the go with your smartphone.

And aside from greeting, your cards are also for building a connection. With one scan using their phones, recipients can view your heartfelt videos and leave like reactions and comments.

Tips and tricks for creating a greeting card with videos

Learning tips and tricks in personalizing a greeting card is as important as knowing how to make a video greeting card. To make your card better with videos, here are 5 tips you can follow:

1. Keep your message short, sweet, and personal

Record your video according to the occasion and the recipient's preferences and interests. It’s the small yet personal touches that make greeting cards special.

For example, you can make funny birthday cards for your closest friends. Since you already know their personality and humor, you can add videos they’ll find hilarious or inside jokes within your circle to bring some laughter to their special day.

Also, keep the video relatively short—around 1-2 minutes—to maintain your recipient’s attention and prevent your videos from becoming too lengthy.

2. Use a free online greeting card maker to your advantage

Free online greeting card maker

With over a hundred video card maker choices online, choosing the best one means going for a user-friendly greeting card maker that helps you create and add value to your card in the least amount of time.

GiftLips is an all-in-one greeting card generator where you can browse edgy greeting card designs, collaborate with friends online, add video greetings for birthdays and other occasions, and send your card to your recipient in one go. 

When your recipients scan the dynamic QR code smoothly integrated into your greeting card, they can view your videos, like, and post comments. 

3. Plan a  script or use a prompt for your videos

You may think that making a video project in real life is hard and even harder online, but on the contrary, it’s much easier! You can use an online greeting card maker to let your friends make and add their videos directly to your card. 

Now that you have the right tool to help you make that surprise birthday video possible, you’ll also have to write a clear and concise script or devise a few prompts before recording your video. 

For example, visualize the video birthday card you want to give and the theme and message for each clip. You can share these with your collaborators to maintain a smooth flow and avoid unnecessary pauses.

4. Use high-quality videos

Use high-resolution images, videos, and music to enhance the overall quality of your video gift. These can create a more entertaining and visually pleasing output. After all, no one would want to receive a blurry birthday greeting video.

Through crisp visuals and crystal-clear audio, your genuine emotions show through the screen and wrap your viewer in a warm virtual hug that cuts across the physical distance between you and your recipient.

5. Scan your video QR code first for a preview

Video QR code

Before sending your greeting card, scan the QR code and watch your videos multiple times to check for errors, pacing, and overall quality.

Ensure your greeting card is compatible with mobile devices so the recipient can easily view it on their smartphone or tablet, regardless of its operating system.

Giftlips’ easy-to-use interface lets you quickly add, remove, or arrange videos and embed them directly into a pre-made dynamic video QR code. So, you can rest assured that you’ll get a scannable QR code that enables your recipients to access your videos. 

Make free greeting cards with videos hassle-free online with GiftLips

The essence of connection lies not in the medium but in the sincerity and thoughtfulness behind it.  Making a video greeting card is a personal and heartfelt way to connect with our loved ones in this digital age. 

Use a greeting card generator online to add high-quality videos to your short and sweet message. This will level up your recipient’s greeting card experience, making it truly special, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable.

Don't go back to sending regular and generic greeting cards now that you’ve learned how to make a video greeting card tailored to your recipient’s personality and preferences.

Check out beautifully designed cards that you can use for FREE on GiftLips today!

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