Strength in Friendship This Mom's Day

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

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Hey everyone, it's Emily! May is here, and while blooming flowers and celebrating Mom's Day are fantastic, this year, I want to shine a light on a different kind of mom: my amazing friend, Maya.

Maya might not have given birth herself, but she's a mother figure in all the ways that count.

Her nieces and nephews practically see her as a second mom, and her friends know they can always count on her unwavering support and a listening ear.

Balancing a demanding career with countless volunteer commitments, Maya juggles a lot. 

Yet, she's always there for the people who need her most, offering a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes a fierce dose of encouragement, or even just a silly distraction to chase away the blues.

Like many moms, Maya has her own battles.

The weight of responsibility, the occasional bout of self-doubt, and the constant worry for the well-being of those she loves can take a toll. 

Mental Health Month serves as a powerful reminder that these struggles are real, even if they're not always visible.

That's why this Mother's Day, I'm celebrating Maya's incredible strength and resilience. Forget the crowded brunches and overpriced flowers! 

Here's the plan

We're planning something just for her – a relaxing spa day filled with pampering (because she deserves it!).

Probably a walk in nature to recharge in the fresh air, or maybe even a cozy night in catching up and sharing stories. 

I wanted to create something that captured all the ways Maya embodies the spirit of motherhood. 

So, I surprised her with a video greeting card made with a free online greeting card maker that's super easy to use!  

I filled it with funny photos of us together and heartwarming messages from her nieces and nephews.

And I even included a clip of her giving the best pep talk ever.

It's a reminder that the best way to celebrate a “mom” is to offer a space for them to simply be.

Allow them to recharge and to know they're deeply loved and appreciated.

So, here's to you, Maya! Happy Mom's Day! You inspire me every day with your strength, compassion, and unwavering love. Thanks for being you!



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