Celebrating My Wife's Strength on Mother's Day

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

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This Mother's Day, I can't help but focus on a different kind of hero: my incredible wife, Sarah. 

Sure, every year, we shower moms with flowers and chocolates, but this year feels different. Sarah deserves a standing ovation, not just a box of candy.

Motherhood is a messy, beautiful, and often overwhelming journey.

Sarah navigates it with an unwavering love for our kids. Even when the days are long and the tantrums are loud. 

Remember that time little Max spilled his entire cup of grape juice on the brand-new white rug?  Chaos doesn't even begin to describe it. 

But Sarah, with a calmness that still amazes me, grabbed towels and embraced Emily.

She somehow managed to save the rug (and her sanity!). 

But I've seen the toll it takes on her. 

I see the late nights she spends soothing nightmares, the constant dance between work deadlines and school lunches, and the invisible pressure to be “perfect.”  

This Mental Health Month, I want to highlight the mental health struggles so many mothers face—the anxiety, the exhaustion, the feeling of never being enough.  

To make it even more special, I created something just for you using a free online greeting card maker that’s easy to use. 

I put together a little video montage of all our favorite family moments. 

Do you remember that time you surprised the kids with a backyard campout? And, of course, there are some clips of you being the most amazing mom a kid could ask for.

Sarah, you are more than enough. You are the sunshine that fills our home with laughter, the rock that keeps us grounded, the superhero who makes everything look effortless, even if it means a mountain of laundry later. 

This Mother's Day, here's my promise to you: more time for self-care, a listening ear when you need it, and a shoulder to cry on (or just a good back scratch!). 

We'll take over the bedtime routine so you can relax and maybe even plan that weekend getaway you've been dreaming of. 

You deserve it, honey. Thank you for being the strongest, most amazing mom our children could ask for. Happy Mother's Day! 

With all my love, Mike.

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