How to Make the Best Retirement Video

Last Updated: January 9, 2024

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A retirement video is a creative and heartwarming way to show appreciation to a boss, coworker, teacher, father, or mother for their hard work and dedication.

It’s a unique manner of honoring and celebrating the retiree's accomplishments, contributions, and legacy.

But the thing is, videos alone are not enough. Though they are special, pairing them with tangible things is better for a more touching surprise.

There’s a different kind of happiness and thrill when you receive something that you can keep not only in your heart but also in your keepsake box.

And with a video greeting card software, you can turn your video tribute into a uniquely designed greeting card. In less than 5 minutes, you can make a heartfelt greeting card that will last a lifetime.

Why a video greeting card is the best way to  show appreciation for a retiree

Personalized videos are the perfect way to tell someone they’re special.  Instead of sending a lengthy note, you can use videos to say more meaningful but brief words.

Video retirement

And when you add a retirement tribute video to a video greeting card, you can immortalize your video on a uniquely designed printed card. 

It’s easier for retirees to see, feel, and hear the genuineness of your message through videos. 

Each greeting card contains a dynamic QR code seamlessly incorporated into the card design, where you can store videos for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and of course, retirement.  

Adding videos to your cards takes less than 5 minutes. With just your phone and a greeting card generator, you can make unique and customized greeting cards. 

Does this sound interesting? Keep reading to learn more.

How to make a retirement video

Before creating your video retirement tribute, you must know a few things to ensure a smooth and professional video production.

1. Planning your retirement tribute video

Plan your video down to a T so you’ll know what and what not to say or include in the video, making your preparation faster and smoother.

First, determine the length and style of the video. Some videos are brief and sweet, while others are longer and detailed.

Think of the video's style, too. You can make it into a slideshow, montage, spoof, or documentary. You can check out former US President Barack Obama’s video for retirement for a funny video inspiration.

The next step is to set the mood of the video. Remember the retiree's profession and personal life and pick a tone that reflects their personality and accomplishments, whether humorous and playful or emotional and serious.

Identify the highlights of your tribute video. Create a timeline of the retiree's life and career, including significant events, achievements, and memories. You can also include messages from friends, family, and coworkers.

Choose the images and sounds you want to use, such as voiceovers, music, and videos. 

And when you already have all these ideas, it’s time to create an outline of the video. There should be an opening, a middle, and a summary or closing that should all work together.

2. Gathering photos and videos

Happy retirement

Contact coworkers, friends, and family members of the retiree who may have pictures or videos of them.

Or check with the retiree to see if they have any personal photos or videos they would like to include in the video, like old family videos or photos from their work.

Look online for images and videos about the retiree's life or profession. You might find news stories or social media posts about their accomplishments or exceptional moments.

If the retiree worked for a company or organization for a long time, there's a chance that you can find archived videos. Check with the company to see if they have any videos that you can use.

Then, shoot current videos of the retiree. This could mean recording a personal message from the retiree, taking candid photos and videos of them at home, or while doing hobbies. You can just use your smartphone to shoot quality videos.

Remember this: When you're collecting footage, you should be picky and only include videos related to the retiree's profession or life.

Get the proper permissions and consent if you want to use photos or videos you don't own. Do not forget to give due credit to the owners of the pictures and videos.

3. Writing a prompt or script

Start the script with an introduction that sets the tone for the video. Include a summary of the retiree's work or life or a message from you or your colleague. 

Also, highlight important parts of the retiree's life and work, such as personal accomplishments, career milestones, or memorable moments.

A great way to make the retirement tribute more exciting and memorable is to include personal stories and anecdotes that show off the retiree's character, personality, and achievements. 

Then, include heartfelt and emotional retirement messages from coworkers, friends, and family to help the retiree feel loved and valued.

Make sure to write the script chronologically to help the audience understand the retiree's work and life path. And finish it with a final message from the retiree or their loved ones.

Even though it's crucial to include all the important parts, make the script short and emphasize only the highlights that truly matter.

4. Adding audio and songs for retirement

Choose a place that is quiet and free of a lot of background noise to catch the audio.

For a clear and crisp sound, you can record the audio with a good microphone or attach a pop filter to the microphone, which helps reduce “p” and “b” sounds so that the voice sounds more natural.

While recording audio, speak clearly and say each word correctly. If the speaker is mumbling or speaking too quickly, chances are the audio will be hard to understand. 

Check the sound settings to ensure the sound is not too loud or quiet before recording. And always back up your audio files in case the main recording gets lost or broken.

You can also add relatable, funny, or emotional songs to your videos to make them more entertaining. Choose from this list of songs for retirement that you can use as background music:

  • Good Riddance – Green Day
  • The Best is Yet to Come – Frank Sinatra
  • This Ain’t Goodbye – Train
  • You’ve Got a Friend – Carole King
  • We’ve Only Just Begun – Carpenters
  • We Gotta Get Out of This Place – The Animals

5. Reviewing and editing

Start by reviewing all the clips you’ve gathered and note the best shots you want to use in the tribute video.

Use music to set the tone for the video. Find songs that reflect the retiree's interests and accomplishments. But make sure that the music doesn't drown out the audio.

Then, add titles and captions to provide background and information like the retiree's name, the retirement date, and any other essential details.

Also, include personal messages from the special people in the retiree’s life to ensure that the retiree feels appreciated and loved.

Focus on the essential stories and scenes, and only include necessary clips. Remove any noises or sounds in the background that you don't want.

6. Sharing the retirement tribute 

Show the video to the retiree in person or online. Let them watch the video first and encourage them to tell you what they think.

Retirement card

If your video project is approved for sharing, send the video to people who worked closely with the retiree, like current and past colleagues, managers, and clients. You can also forward the video to the retiree's loved ones. 

For a fancier film showing, plan a retirement party or get-together with the retiree's colleagues and loved ones to commemorate the retiree's work and achievements, so everyone can watch the video and say farewells in person.

Before sharing the video online, ensure the retiree is okay with the video being shared publicly. Share the retirement tribute on video-sharing platforms or social media sites, and monitor the comments and feedback under the video.

And if you’re looking for a unique way to share the video, you can use a greeting card. Yes, this is possible.

The best part is that you can receive comments and feedback from the recipients through the greeting card. Here’s how it works:

GiftLips: Create a heartfelt video retirement greeting card for retirees

Video greeting card

GiftLips is an online greeting card generator and shop where you can get the most uniquely designed occasion and holiday greeting cards.

These greeting cards have a dynamic QR code where you can add your retirement tribute videos. 

The QR code enables you to share your tribute video as a printed greeting card or online as an e-card, making it easier to share. 

Apart from sharing, creating a retirement tribute video project and collaborating with retiree’s colleagues and loved ones is easier with GiftLips.

With just one link, multiple collaborators can add videos directly to your greeting card.


The best part about sharing a retirement tribute using a greeting card with a video is receiving feedback from recipients. Your recipients can tap the “like” button and post a comment under each video.

This way, it’s easier to monitor the feedback from your video project.

4  easy steps to immortalize a retirement tribute using a  video greeting card 

Here’s how you can use your phone to make your retirement tribute last a lifetime by making it into a greeting card with videos in just four easy-to-follow steps: 

1. Go to GiftLips and Choose a card template

Open your browser, go to GiftLips, choose a retirement card template, and tap Use This Template.

2. Write a custom message and add retirement tribute videos

Type a touching retirement message and add your videos

Tap Record Video or Record audio to record and add videos or audio using your device

Or tap Upload Videos to add videos from your device

Then, tap Generate Preview  to check your videos 

3. Collaborate with friends and loved ones (optional)

Tap Invite Others to generate an invitation link you can send to the retiree’s coworkers, friends, and loved ones. 

4. Save, Download, or Print and Ship

If you want to go back and edit your card, tap Save for Later

Tap Download to save your card as a printable e-card

Or, tap Print and Ship, then input your card recipients’ name and address to mail your card straight to their doorsteps

Send your best retirement tribute video in a greeting card 

A retirement video is a remarkable tribute to commemorate a dear colleague’s accomplishments and legacy for the company or organization. The best video for retirement captures the retiree’s unique and charming personality and dedication.

Plan and gather video clips, create a story, experiment with the audio, and share it with the retiree and others. We’re sure you can make a video tribute hassle-free by following this guide.

Speaking of hassle-free, making your tribute into a unique video greeting card is easy. With just your phone, you can make a greeting card in less than 5 minutes that will last a lifetime.

Sign up and shop your unique greeting cards at GiftLips today and enjoy their templates for FREE! 

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