4 best Thanksgiving gift ideas 2023

Last Updated: November 10, 2023

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This year’s Thanksgiving gift ideas are more crucial and memorable than in the past few years. It’s time to breathe and pat yourself on the back for overcoming yet another year. 

Don’t forget to thank the people who are with you along your journey. 

Gift-giving and exchanging greeting cards around this time of year are perfect for close friends or distant associates.

If you want to standout, why not try a video greeting card? You can create and customize one using an online generator for free!

Hosting a party? Going to a dinner invite? Give tokens to your guests and offer a gift to your host or hostess. It’s the least you can give to appreciate their long night and day of preparations.

Looking for other ideas? Here’s what you can offer to your dinner parties.

Thanksgiving gift ideas you can give to your dinner party

1. Personalized letters and Thanksgiving video greeting card

If you are away for Thanksgiving, you’re probably thinking of sending a Happy Thanksgiving gift to your friends on chat. 

But if you want something with an unbeatable impact that lasts, greeting cards or personal letters are excellent choices for a simple but classic gift. 

Sure, you can purchase a card at the local corner store, but why not create your own cards and letters? It’s easy and more personal.

Free printable and downloadable greeting card

Giving material gifts on Thanksgiving is excellent. But nothing says sincerity, like creating a heartfelt video message. 

It’s much more genuine and delivers the message exactly as you want. Plus, you can create a video greeting card in less than 3 minutes! What’s even better? You can do all these for free!

Since these are free printable cards, print and attach them to your gifts for an instant upgrade. 

Personal letters

Pick out a fancy envelope and paper with a design that you like. This way, you can give them your letter as a gift they can keep forever.

Once you have the stationery, you can begin writing. If you find it hard to put your words into a letter, try making it into a video.

2. Thanksgiving food gift ideas

This is one traditional Thanksgiving gift that commemorates the first Thanksgiving. It brought people and loved ones together around a table filled with delicious food

It’s a time to reflect on what you’re most thankful for in the year and in life while enjoying a hearty meal.

Someone’s got the golden turkey for sure. Here’s what you can bring instead.

Potato dishes

The potato is a versatile but traditional food for the holiday season. Guests will surely enjoy some potatoes along with their golden-roasted turkey leg.

There’s potato salad, diced potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, whole baked potatoes, or the good ol’ French fries. You can switch from regular potatoes to sweet potatoes if you want a healthier option.

Salads and greens

Ah, yes, a salad for people who want to avoid packing some holiday calories. 

Salads are quick and easy to make. It’s a fool-proof recipe with minimal to no cooking required that a level zero cook can make.

So, toss your favorite greens in a bowl, add your choice of protein, and drizzle with your preferred dressing to complete your salad recipe.


Guests can always make room for dessert—especially if it’s a cheesecake. 

You can choose any cheesecake flavor, from blueberry, strawberry, or a fall vibe pumpkin cheesecake. There are hundreds of cheesecake flavors you can choose from.

3. Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Gift baskets are gifts within a gift: a meta gift. You can also call it “giftception” (excuse the pun).

The beautiful holder, or the basket, itself is already a gift. Then, fill it with other gifts like fresh fruits, scented candles, candies, and others. Wrap it up with a bow, and don’t forget to add your greeting card.

Here are some creative Thanksgiving gift basket ideas:

Fresh Fruit and Hors D’oeurvres Basket

For this basket, choose seasonal autumn fruits like Comice and Bosc pears, Fuji and Granny Smith apples, and navel oranges.

Then, for the savory hors d’oeuvres, add cheddar cheese, gouda, toasted seasoned almonds, pistachios, and summer sausage to the basket.

Thanksgiving treats and goodies basket

Make a basket filled with autumn treats and goodies. Add pumpkin pretzels and different cookie bags like apple pie, brown sugar cinnamon, and snickerdoodle cookies. 

Then, add a kettle popcorn, pumpkin spice toffee, pumpkin pie taffy, and a pumpkin pie latte coffee bag to mix things up.

Candies and chocolate basket

This one is a basket for kids—or adults. Filling this basket with different candies and chocolates is child’s play (pun intended). 

Just add your favorite sweets and arrange them beautifully. You can create and follow a color palette to fit your aesthetic.

4. Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas

Usually, food is the sole centerpiece of any Thanksgiving day. But you should also thank your guest for coming and offer gifts to your hosts for their efforts. 

Check out these Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas you can give below.

Scented candle

Scented candles are classy and elegant gifts. They make the whole room smell like your favorite fancy hotel when lit.

Champagne or wine 

Champagne and wines are the most common hostess gift. It is no surprise since they’re accessible, easy to carry, and the whole table can share while catching up.

Autumn wreath

Everyone loves a beautiful autumn wreath. Hanging one on the front door makes the house look more festive.

So, if you’re stuck for ideas, choose an autumn wreath and slip in your Thanksgiving greeting card to complete your gift.

Free greeting card generator you can use for your Thanksgiving card

GiftLips is a free greeting card generator that you can use to create cards with video messages for Thanksgiving and other unique occasion cards like Mother’s Day cards, Easter greeting cards, even Korean Lunar New Year cards.

You can add your own videos to the greeting card, or send a collaboration invitation to your friends, so you can add their videos too.

Then, your video messages are embedded in the greeting card QR code. Anyone who scans it can view your video messages.

GiftLips greeting cards can hold a collection of short-form videos that your receivers can scroll through, like, and comment on.

Your videos are safe and protected. GiftLips is a product of QRTIGER— an ISO 27001-certified QR code generator.

Send your thoughtful Thanksgiving wishes with a video greeting card

Between laughs, food, and social media, remember to thank the people in your life.

Creating something as simple as a video greeting card can make anyone feel special. Its impact on the people you give it to might surprise you.

Whatever you choose to give from this list of Thanksgiving gift ideas, it will always be special to the people you give it to because it lets them know they’re in your thoughts.

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