Making a Tribute Video: The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated: June 4, 2024

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A tribute video is a heartwarming commemoration of the life and the special milestone that comes along with it. 

Aside from memorial tribute, you can also make tribute for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, retirement, etc.

Using a video greeting card for your video tribute is a memorable keepsake that you can give at an event or gathering. 

Compared to posting videos as tributes on social media, handing a video tribute in greeting card form is a more genuine and valuable way to honor someone.

What is a tribute video greeting card

A tribute video greeting card is a physical or digital greeting card that enables you to add short-form videos as a tribute.

They are not only in e-card form but also in physical card form. Here’s how it works:

You can record your video and make your own greeting card. Or, you can invite your friends through an invitation link so they can directly add their videos to your tribute greeting card as well.

You can send your tribute card to the person you’re making it for or to their loved ones.

Through a dynamic QR code, you can add videos to your printable greeting cards. 

All you need is a new and innovative online greeting card generator that can create all cards, from religious to memorial, for all occasions—like Giftlips.

Giftlips: A video tribute and  video greeting card  greeting card generator

GiftLips is an online greeting card and video maker that lets you create unique and innovative greeting cards, like those with homage videos.

With the help of a dynamic QR code on greeting cards, you can add videos to your otherwise simple and plain cards. When your recipients scan the QR code, they’re able to access a collection of videos that they can scroll through.

But the best part? Giftlips tribute greeting cards allow recipients to like and post a comment under each video. So, it’s not just a one-way greeting card, but a two-way communication tool. 

Aside from memorial videos and greeting cards, you can make any card for all occasions, like birthday cards, invitation cards, thank you cards, religious holiday cards, etc.

Types of a video tribute

Though a funeral video tribute is the most common type of tribute, you can also make videos to commemorate special life milestones. 

Here are eight types of video tributes for different occasions that you can make using GiftLips:

Funeral video tribute

Create a memorial video made in honor of a departed family member, friend, or colleague. Use pictures and videos of the precious moments you shared with your departed loved one to commemorate their life and legacy. 

Heroes’ tribute

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they wear masks. When the world was affected by the COVID pandemic, health workers and other essential workers carried out most operations to ensure public safety. Covid video tributes made by different individuals and groups to show appreciation for our frontline heroes. 

Retirement video tribute

A retirement tribute is made to honor someone who has made an important contribution to their field or organization.

You can include video messages from coworkers, or pictures and videos that highlight their accomplishments over the years. Make your tribute greeting card as retirement party thank you card for guests.

Wedding anniversary video tribute

Add a heartwarming touch to your or your loved one’s wedding or wedding anniversary when you make a wedding tribute.

Use photos and videos from their single to married life, along with wedding wishes from friends. 

Birthday video tribute

Create a tribute celebrating another year in the life of the birthday celebrant through videos.

Collaborate with friends and invite them to send digital video birthday cards for the celebrant. 

Graduation tribute

Celebrate your loved one’s success and show them how much you’re proud of them through a tribute. Add videos and photos that highlight their academic and personal accomplishments, and include video messages from their friends and mentors.

Military tribute

Show appreciation for the bravery and service of our armed forces through a warm and thoughtful military tribute.

You can send these as Memorial Day or Veterans Day gifts, or as a memorial video for a fallen soldier. Include videos and photos from their time in the armed forces and civilian life.

Sports tribute

Celebrate a team or an athlete’s achievements and victory by turning their sports journey into a video.

Add photos and video messages from fans, and coworkers by sending them an invitation link that will send them directly to your greeting card. 

Video tribute ideas

After identifying a tribute card type, it’s now time to select a concept that you can use for your video tribute. Here are 7 video tribute ideas you can choose from:


Celebrate a loved one’s life through a video tribute and include videos and photos from newborn, childhood, milestones, and other achievements so far. These are cards that you can give on someone’s birthday.


Highlight the big and small wins of your loved ones by showcasing their achievements. But success and achievements are not only limited to professional victories but also personal victories like their fitness journey, spiritual healing, or simply getting up in the morning.

Priceless moments

Collect and compile the special moments you’ve spent with the person you’re paying tribute to.

Choose memories from your family vacation, a holiday party, or other special occasions. Adding personal videos to your tribute makes it more personal and intimate.

Admiration and appreciation

Make your loved ones feel loved and appreciated through video messages. Add special and personal videos to create a tribute. Send your video appreciation tribute as a birthday, anniversary, or “just because” greeting card.  

Music video tribute

Use your loved one’s favorite song or music as the background to your video tribute.

If the lyrics of the song have a significant meaning to their life, make it into a background story.

Memorial video tribute

This idea of a tribute is best for the memorial of a departed loved one. You can politely ask their friends, colleagues, coworkers, etc., to accept your invitation link and add a video or picture that they might want to share.

Gratitude video tribute

Make a video showing your appreciation for someone who has changed your life. Use it as a thank you card to express your gratitude for everything that they've done for you and/or the people you care about.

Get well soon video tribute

During times of recovery, a Get Well Soon Video Tribute serves as a heartfelt and uplifting gesture that transcends traditional get well wishes.

This personalized video compilation of the prayer get well soon message is a symphony of love and support, curated to bring comfort and encouragement to someone dear to you.

How to make a tribute video using GiftLips

Here’s how to use GiftLips to add a video tribute on your greeting card: 

  1. Go to GiftLips and select a greeting card template
  2. Type a short message and tap Next Step 
  3. Tap Record Video and choose Front Camera or Back Camera to record a video using your phone camera 
  4. Tap Record Audio to record audio using your phone’s microphone
  5. Or tap Upload Videos to add videos from your camera roll
  6. Optional: Tap Invite Friends copy the link and send it to friends so they can send videos directly to your ongoing greeting card
  7. Then, tap Generate Preview, check your card and videos, and tap Download Card to save.

Immortalize memorable and remarkable moments in life with video tribute on greeting cards

Create a tribute video to commemorate the life, milestones, and special moments of your loved ones. Let them know how special they are to you by putting in an extra effort.

Send your tribute as a timeless greeting card that is both feasible and more accessible. With just one scan, they can relive their journey through your videos.

Create a video tribute with just a few taps with Giftlips. Sign up for FREE today!

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