11 last-minute and DIY Veterans Day gift ideas

Last Updated: January 31, 2024

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Veterans Day gift ideas are highly requested now that National Veterans Day is approaching. If you're still looking for one, worry no more; this article is for you.

Gifts are a great way to show appreciation and gratitude to the men and women who have served our country. 

Common gift items like a bottle opener or a stainless steel tumbler are perfect last-minute presents. However, personalized and DIY gifts for veterans are top-tier. 

If you're short on time but still want to give something memorable, you can make a video greeting card using an online greeting card generator for free.

Aside from those, here are 11 of the best Veterans Day gifts you can give veterans this year.

11 Veterans Day gift ideas for 2023

Here are 11 gift ideas for Veterans Day that will surely make your loved ones feel special!


A good bottle of whiskey is a great thank-you gift for anyone, especially veterans. Who doesn't want to receive a bottle of good old liquor? 

But first, you need to know if the person you're going to give it to drinks whiskey or at least drinks alcoholic beverages. If not, you can choose other gift ideas below. Don't forget to match your gift with a classic greeting card.

Stainless steel tumbler 

Stainless steel tumblers are useful at home when lounging or on the go while traveling or exercising at the gym.

Also, stainless steel tumblers are universal and handy. It's an excellent way to remind veterans to drink water and hydrate. 

Hence, giving them tumblers shows that you're thankful for their service and also care about them and their well-being.

Phone case

Unless the person you're gifting doesn't own a phone, you can give a phone case to anyone. But this gift is tricky since you need to know the type of phone they're using.

You can go for simple, monochromatic, and plain-colored phone cases or choose bold designs.


As temperatures drop during this time of the year, a warm and comfortable jacket is a perfect, timely present that will keep them warm at home or when going out.

Jackets, like other clothing items, come in various styles, like a quilted, leather, bomber, or chic-looking double-breasted jackets. Choose a jacket made of high-quality materials to ensure that it will last.

Vouchers and gift cards 

Many businesses and establishments offer vouchers and gift cards on Veterans Day. Hence, choose their favorite store and purchase gift vouchers from them.

Vouchers are the perfect last-minute gift when you can't decide what to give. Instead of directly giving cash, you can provide gift vouchers so they can choose something they like. 

Greeting cake

This gift idea is as timeless as it is endearing. A cake scribbled with a simple “Thank you” or “Thank you for serving our country” will surely make anyone's day.

Cakes are symbols of happiness and have the power to add a splash of joy to any occasion. It's just a classic necessity for any celebration.

Bottle opener 

A bottle opener is a unique and useful gift ranging from an easily accessible wall-mounted opener to a handy keychain.

Moreover, you can choose from hundreds of different bottle opener designs online, including movie-inspired, tool-shaped, cute animals, funny quotes, or even fun bottle opener game boards.

Shadow box DIY craft

If you've seen veterans' medals or uniforms kept in boxes or lying around in your or other people's house, it may be time to put them into a display shadow box.

It brings a different sense of pride and honor to display relics of their service to the country. Hence, you can DIY an easy Veterans Day craft or commission someone to create a custom military shadow box. 

Veterans care package

Fill a gift basket with valuable items that the vets will surely appreciate and use. You can choose from different care packages like healthy snacks, picnics, movie marathons, cookies, etc.

Additionally, you can buy pre-made care packages or make them more personalized by assembling your own and choosing the items to include. 

You can either give out your care package to the special veterans in your life or brighten random veterans' day by donating to or doing a care package drive for homeless veterans.

Homemade cookies

Get baking and create homemade cookies as a token of appreciation. Use special cookie cutters or add cookie frosting with a flag or medal design.

Then, wrap them in plastic bags or place them nicely in a box. Wrap it with ribbons and bows to make it more festive, and attach your greeting card.

Personalized greeting cards with video messages made using GiftLips

Personalized greeting cards are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone, especially when you add a video message to them. 

To make things easier, GiftLips is an online greeting card generator you can use to create a video greeting card for free!

Print your cards and attach them with your gift items or give them along with your gifts. GiftLips has over a hundred uniquely designed card templates for birthday cards, anniversary cards, Thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards, etc.

Plus, you can ask your friends to join and create videos to make them more special. It's easier to use GiftKips to compile the videos into a single QR code on gifts that your receivers can quickly scan.

Why a personalized video greeting card is the best Veterans Day gift

After serving in the military, many veterans find it difficult to adjust to life outside of service. 

Hence, we celebrate Veterans Day every year to boost their morale, lift their spirits, and let them know that their hard work did not go unnoticed. 

And what better way to do this than by giving them gifts, time, and effort through personalized and DIY items?

It's great to know that someone made time to create a well-thought-out gift for Veterans Day, like a greeting card with video messages. It looks like you spent days preparing the videos, but apparently, it only takes a few minutes.

GiftLips is an online generator that can help you create touching greeting cards with video messages. It is a product of the most trusted and ISO 2700 certified QR code generator—QRTIGER.

Surprise veterans with heartwarming video greeting cards

Custom-made items that embody effort, sincerity, and appreciation are excellent Veterans Day gift ideas. But only some are lucky enough to have the time to create and prepare these gifts.

The easiest way to create a memorable and achievable gift is to create a touching personalized video greeting card with messages from friends and family.

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