The Best Birthday Video Maker to Level Up Your Celebration

Last Updated: June 5, 2024

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Bring out the party favors, blow the birthday candles, and kick off the party! Make the celebration more festive with a customized birthday video for the celebrant.

Videos can make any occasion fun and memorable by adding life and entertainment to the celebration.

You can create free birthday messages with videos for the celebrant or party guests with a video maker online for free.

And here’s more: You can now add your digital videos to an actual physical greeting card.

Imagine presenting your video in a video greeting card filled with cherished memories and meaningful greetings from loved ones.

Use a video greeting card to make your birthday cards come to life

A video greeting card lets you personalize and add videos to your otherwise simple birthday greeting card, making it more valuable, unique, and fun. 

Videos on your card don’t have to be extravagant. You can add a birthday video message, offer a song, or even recall a fun story with you and the celebrant. With videos, you have many ways to spice up your card! 

Birthday greeting cards with videos allow you to express more than just a birthday greeting.

It makes your cards more heartfelt and genuine because you can communicate messages they can see, hear, and feel, aside from the effort you’ve put into making them.

Let your imagination run free, and use creativity to make the best birthday video ever!

Birthday videos make celebrations more fun!

There are a lot of fun ways you can use videos to add entertainment and life to your parties.

Whether it’s for your guests, the celebrant, or for the occasion, here are a few ways you can add excitement to the event using videos.

1. Make a birthday-themed slideshow 

A slideshow is one of the easiest videos you can make for the birthday celebrant because all you’ll need are images and video clips.

Gather treasured photos of the celebrant from their family, friends, colleagues, etc. 

Create a slideshow using the images, and add captions and text. 

Use any appropriate royalty-free background music for the audio and layer it with a voiceover. You can also use video animations, GIFs, and transitions.

Make the celebrant the main focus of the birthday slideshow. You can highlight their milestones, achievements, and even the minute details and quirky things that make them unique.

Tip: Make sure to credit the owner of the photos and videos that you’re using.

2. Personalize a video introduction of the celebrant

Introduce the person of the hour in the grandest way through your videos!

Use your imagination to create an exciting introduction video reflecting the celebrant’s unique personality and style.

Before making a birthday video card, you must research basic information about them, like their hobbies, interests, and memorable experiences.

Then, create a storyboard or script for your video to make editing smoother.

Shoot a video with the celebrant or collect photos and videos you can work with.

Then, use video editing software to compile and arrange them into a video introduction that fits the theme and makes the star of the show shine!

3. Sing along to the Happy Birthday song

Seriously, what should you do when people sing Happy Birthday to you? Smile, let them sing, and politely say thank you.

But there’s a better way to sing someone a happy birthday without the awkwardness.

You can use funny photos or videos of the celebrant that match the lyrics and mood of the song.

Choose images with silly faces, funny poses, or humorous moments to bring laughter and joy to the video.

Whoever said singing the happy birthday song is tacky must not have a playful mind. You can ask the help of the celebrant’s loved ones to make a dance or lip-sync video to the song.

Encourage them to wear funny costumes or use props to add fun colors and textures to your video. 

If you're skilled at creating videos, experiment with creative editing techniques like quick cuts, slow motion, or reverse playback to add an unexpected yet fun twist to them.

Remember: Jokes are fun, but you must keep respectful and appropriate.

You can ask for consent from the people in your video to use their clips and photos. If necessary, remove parts that make them uncomfortable.

4. Use video birthday messages from special people

Aside from fun and festive, you can make your videos heartwarming and sincere with messages from the celebrant’s family and friends. 

Start by contacting the celebrant's family, friends, and loved ones and asking them to contribute heartfelt birthday messages. 

You can request written messages for camera-shy people and overlay them on a photo or video.

For those who are more confident, you can collect voice notes or video birthday messages to add a more personal touch.

You can separate each greeting with a memorable photo and video as you edit the video.

Then, choose a soft, touching background track that inspires a sense of warmth, love, and celebration to complement the heartfelt messages.

5. Create a birthday card that lasts

Birthday videos are not only for birthdays. You can make them last when you add them to something they can keep and something that enables them to rewatch and reminisce highlights of their party anytime, like a sparkle and shine birthday card

A birthday card with videos allows you to combine the personal touch of a traditional greeting card with the entertainment and interactivity of digital videos.

It’s easier for your recipients to view your video anytime and anywhere!

GiftLips: The best greeting card and birthday video maker online

GiftLips is a one-stop happy birthday video maker where you can find the best cards, ranging from regular birthday cards to a gay birthday card.

These cards are customizable, so you can personalize your greetings and add your videos worry-free! 

The card comes with a dynamic QR code that lets you add your digital birthday videos to a printed birthday card that you can ship to your recipient. It’s possible!

This QR code is the bridge that connects your physical card to your digital videos.

So, when your recipients scan the QR code, they can view the birthday video you prepared. Now, that’s a nice surprise!

What’s great about your GiftLips card is that it lets viewers like and comment on each video.

You can access their comments on your dashboard to know what they think. This makes your greeting card a means of communication, making it more than just a birthday card.

Adding birthday videos to your greeting card allows personalization and can make your memories last.

It’s good that they can watch a memorable video for them on their birthday, but it’s even better to have a physical keepsake.

How to make a birthday video greeting card in 4 easy ways

Making video birthday cards should be fun, exciting, and, most of all, easy!

Did you know you can make a birthday card with birthday video wishes in less than 5 minutes using your phone (and other devices)? 

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to learn more. 

1. Choose a birthday template and customize

Go to GiftLips, select the Birthday category, and choose a card template

Then type a text birthday greeting that you can print along with your card

2. Level up your card with birthday videos

Click Record Video or Record Audio to record and add a video or audio clip to your card.

Or you can click Upload Videos to add videos from your device

3. Customize according to your liking

Then, click Generate Preview to view your videos

If you want to collect videos from different contributors, click Invite Friends

Click Save for Later to save your progress and edit your card later

4. Download or Print and Ship to your recipient 

When you’re done, click Print and Ship to send your card to your recipient

Or tap Download for FREE to download a digital version of your card.

Say goodbye to boring birthdays and hello to fun celebrations with videos that lasts!

The key quality to look for when selecting the best birthday video maker for your greeting card project is a user-friendly interface that provides customization options supports versatile media and allows collaboration. 

Whether you're a tech-savvy enthusiast or a beginner in video editing, GiftLips is an ideal tool to help you create and personalize a heartwarming video greeting card for your loved ones. 

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