Best Free Custom Video Greeting Cards That Spark Joy

Last Updated: April 8, 2024

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Custom video greeting cards make any occasion more fun by bringing your messages to life through videos.

When you customize your greeting card, you show your recipient that you value them so much that you made a card, especially for them.

A customized card shows the time, effort, and sincerity of the sender, which is why they spark more joy than a regular greeting card.

Adding videos is the best way to personalize any card, making it a heartwarming and unique greeting card.

Why adding videos to your greeting cards makes them delightful

Customized cards souvenir

A video greeting card is an improved version of your greeting card. You can customize your card through videos to make it more appropriate for your recipient and the occasion. Using a dynamic QR code, your recipients can receive your videos on a greeting card they can keep.

You’ll find joy in creating, sending, and receiving this greeting card, and here’s why:

1. Videos can express more heartfelt messages

Traditional blank cards allow you to write your greetings, but only within a limited blank space.

But with videos, you can say what you want to say and how you want to say it without worrying about the space or duration of your video.

For example, on your dear friend's golden birthday celebration, you can send messages they can see, hear, and feel through videos.

2. Personalized cards with videos are more sincere

Does your mass-produced greeting card symbolize your sincerity and genuine affection toward your recipient? Does it add value to their special day?

Everyone wants the best for their loved ones.

We can't help but jump with joy when we see them grin with genuine gratitude for whatever we gave them.

So, on their special day, offer them custom video birthday cards made with love—and videos!

3. Fun video ideas are better than the usual plain greetings

Isn’t it exciting to receive a funny birthday card with a video compilation of your dad jokes that had your friends laughing out loud?

It’s much more fun to receive a greeting card personalized just for you than the usual greeting card you can easily buy from any department store or gift shop.

With a video greeting, you can get creative and make any video you want to add to make your card fun.

4. Custom-made greeting cards allow online collaboration with people from different parts of the world 

Working and connecting with people worldwide to create a video greeting project becomes easy when using a greeting card generator.

All you need to do is send them an invitation link from a free online greeting card maker, and they can start adding their videos to your card; no need to gather their videos individually! 

Imagine you and your friends can plan a surprise for a dear friend on their birthday despite being far away from each other due to work and adulting.

Using GiftLips, you can collaborate effortlessly by sharing an invitation link where you and your friends can add heartfelt messages and cherished memories to a greeting card. 

5. Customized greeting cards with videos make a perfect keepsake

When something is created especially for you, you want to keep and remember it forever. Personalized gifts are priceless.

Most recipients keep them because they are valuable—not for their price, but for the thought, time, and effort it took to make them.

6. Customized greeting cards are the perfect last-minute gift

You might assume that any customized project would consume a significant amount of your time, given that most

DIY projects tend to do so. But creating custom-made greeting cards online with videos is an exception!

All you have to do is choose a card from the greeting card website, add your videos, and download or print your greeting card. This makes customized cards the perfect thoughtful last-minute gift idea.

7. You can create, send, and view a greeting card video anywhere and anytime

Aside from the convenience of crafting a customized greeting card in under 5 minutes, you can create one virtually anywhere using your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Forgot about someone's birthday until the last minute? No need to fret; you can still have a heartfelt present by making video greetings for birthday celebrations.

Moreover, your recipients can easily view the videos on their phones, anytime and anywhere they want.

Types of custom video greeting cards you can make and send for free

Whether for a grand golden birthday celebration, an annual pool party invitation card, or just because, you can create and customize any greeting card for just about any occasion. Check out these cards too: 

1. Personalized video birthday cards

You can now celebrate any birthday in style using greeting cards that come to life with videos.

Share cherished memories, heartfelt wishes, and joyful moments through the power of visual media.

Make their birthday unforgettable through a personalized touch that shows how much they mean to you.

Send personalized video birthday cards to capture the essence of your relationship and bring a smile to their faces.

2. Festive holiday cards

Let your loved ones feel the season's magic by spreading the holiday cheer with them!

Embrace the joyous spirit through a heartfelt video message, and create a memorable and personalized holiday card.

Share your Easter cards, Independence Day, and other holiday wishes, special memories, and cheer, all in a delightful video greeting they can keep.

3. Thank you notes

Thank you card

Saying thank you after a special occasion is still the best way to show your guests gratitude.

Add glitz and glamour to your thank you cards by incorporating videos.

Move beyond words and use a custom video greeting as a thank-you note to send video messages that truly convey your appreciation.

4. Congratulations cards

We congratulate our loved ones for a reason: they have achieved something remarkable or once-in-a-lifetime.

For something so special, go the extra mile and create unique custom video greeting cards to commemorate their milestone.

5. Get-well-soon cards

In times of greater challenges, show affection and care for a loved one in the most sincere and reassuring way possible. Your loved ones can get strength from knowing they have your support.

Never fail to make your loved ones feel that they’re not alone. When you can’t physically be with them, send them videos on a greeting card and let them know you’re thinking about them.

Your simple get well soon message holds great power to brighten someone’s day.

6. Wedding and party invitation cards

You can add videos to just about any card, whether for party invites or greetings at someone’s wedding.

Build up the excitement of your guests before tying the knot by using video snippets and details of your big day on your wedding invitation cards.

After the occasion, make wedding cards as a keepsake for you and your guests to store your precious wedding memories.

7. Business cards

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: You can add videos to any card!

You can make a card that matches your mood, personality, or even business. Videos are one of the major tools in marketing that you should take advantage of.

A video greeting card for your business has different uses. You should be able to choose one that matches your brand and business needs.

8. Valentine's Day

Design a Valentines Day card with a cleverly hidden compartment that unfolds to unveil a cherished photo of you and your loved one.

Imagine their surprise when they discover this personalized treasure tucked within the card.

It's a sentimental touch that adds a deeper layer of love and connection to your Valentines Day greeting.

Make Valentine's unforgettable with these engaging video greeting card templates:

GiftLips: A free online greeting card maker that helps you add videos to your cards

Free online greeting card maker

GIftLips is a custom greeting card maker that lets you add videos to any card for free. Its simple and navigational generator lets you create a memorable card in less than 5 minutes!

With hundreds of greeting card designs, you can choose a greeting card fit for any occasion.

Each greeting card comes with a dynamic QR code seamlessly incorporated into its design, enabling you to add digital videos to your greeting card.

So, your recipients can receive a greeting card with digital videos they can view when they scan the QR code on their phones. 

Also, you can collaborate with multiple people on your video greeting project through a Giftlips invitation, which allows them to add their videos directly to your card.

Once done, you can download it as a custom video e-card or send it directly to your recipient.

GiftLips knows that part of the joy of giving a customized gift is knowing that your recipient likes your present.

One of the best features of your Giftlips greeting card is allowing your recipient to like and comment on your video.

You can also track if they scanned your card once or multiple times!

How to make custom video greeting cards 

You can use GiftLips to customize and add videos to your greeting card in four simple steps. Here’s how: 

1. Choose a greeting card template design

Select a greeting card design according to the occasion and tap Use this Template

Add a short message

Then, tap Next

2. Customize your card by recording or uploading videos or audio

Tap Record Video or Record Audio to shoot your video or record your voice message

Or tap Upload VIdeos to upload videos from your device

3. Finalize your videos or invite others to collaborate

Tap Generate Preview to check your videos

Optional: Tap Invite Others to invite collaborators to your video project

If you want to edit your card later, tap Save for Later

But if you’re satisfied with the changes, go to the next step

4. Download or send your card

Tap Download for FREE to save your card as a free e-card

Or, tap Print and Ship to send a physical version of  your custom card to your recipient

Customize and add videos to your greeting card for FREE!

Custom video greeting cards offer a wonderful way to connect and express emotions. Sending a greeting card specially crafted for your loved ones creates meaningful connections with them.

Whether sending birthday wishes, holiday greetings, thank you notes, congratulations, get well soon messages, or even wedding and party invitations, the power of a personalized video greeting card brings sincerity and joy to each connection. 

Try adding videos to your greeting cards using GiftLips today and discover over a hundred card templates you can use for FREE! Sign up now! 

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