Your ultimate guide to Thanksgiving greeting cards

Last Updated: June 6, 2024

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Thanksgiving greeting cards have probably taken up an entire aisle in every department store. Here’s a little tip if you need a good greeting card suggestion.

Picture this…

You’re going through your mail, checking out greeting cards sent by your friends. Then you notice you’ve received three greeting cards with the same design and message, but they’re from three different friends.

Sure, your friends were sincere when they sent you those greeting cards. But a little personalization here and there would’ve made it more emotional and genuine.

A personalized video greeting card doesn’t even take a minute to make. Plus, they’re free!

So get ready with your phone, find out how to make greeting cards for Thanksgiving, and start customizing your greeting cards using a greeting card generator online.

What is Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an annual American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is believed to commemorate the harvest festival and meal shared by the English colonists of Plymouth (called “pilgrims”) and the Wampanoag people in 1621.

Today, Thanksgiving is symbolized by a festive meal of roasted turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. The happy faces of friends and families, the giving of gifts and greeting cards, and the wishing for another year of bounty.

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Celebrating Thanksgiving is a yearly tradition that brings people together around one table where they present their gifts and enjoy a hearty meal prepared by their hosts. 

Thanksgiving is an important day to celebrate the significant accomplishments the year has brought, especially the little wins that sometimes go unnoticed.

It is also a time to let the people around you know you value and appreciate them for simply being there. This is why we traditionally give Thanksgiving gifts and greeting cards.

Why greeting cards are important on Thanksgiving Day

Greeting cards for Thanksgiving have been around since the 19th century. Fast forward to 2022, and Americans still send cards to greet family, friends, and even business associates as part of the Thanksgiving tradition. Here’s why:

  • They are accessible and cheap. You can find greeting cards for thanksgiving online, in stationery stores, supermarkets, gift shops, etc. Plus, depending on the design, they only cost about 50 cents to 10 dollars.

  • They are flexible. Greeting cards are the perfect last-minute gift ideas for any occasion. But you can also give them along with your gifts. Either way, they are perfect stand-alone or complementary presents.

  • They are customizable. You can buy pre-made or blank cards, but if you want to level up your greeting card game, you can easily make your own! Insert your own greetings or—here’s the most exciting part—insert a personalized video message! 

Your Thanksgiving greeting cards just got a makeover

When you receive a Happy Thanksgiving message card, are you the “I’m gonna keep this greeting card forever *heart emoji*” kind of person? 

Or are you the “Oh, another greeting card” (tosses and forgets about the greeting card) type? You might say you’re the first kind, but where did you put all those cards again?

The truth is people tend to throw away holiday cards that are common and detached, not exceptionally sentimental, or that lack a meaningful message inside. A “Happy Thanksgiving” won’t do it.

You can create a video greeting card online for FREE. Plus, you can collaborate with friends and family! (Also for free!)

If you want your holiday greeting cards to stand out and make it to your friends’ keepsake boxes, you should outshine last year’s greeting card by adding a personalized video message. 

GiftLips: A free greeting card generator online 

GiftLips can help you create a video greeting card in less than 3 minutes. Plus, this online generator offers their greeting card for FREE!

You can add a collection of short videos embedded in a QR code that your greeting card recipients can scroll through. 

What’s more? Viewers of your Thanksgiving cards can like and post comments on your videos. This way, your gifts also serve as a communication portal. 

GiftLips generates free printable and downloadable cards. From greeting card fundraisers to any festivities, this user-friendly website has it all.

Hence, it’s easier to attach holiday cards with QR codes to gifts or send them through postal services.

You can even incorporate a Thanksgiving gift card from the list of available merchants we offer when you use paid templates.

Your greeting card maker is all set. Now, all you need to do is look for the right words to express your emotions. 

What to write as Thanksgiving greetings 

Consider your Thanksgiving greeting card messages as the closing credits of a beautiful film, in this case, your 2024. Write down what you’re most grateful for, whether specific or general.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspos, here’s a list of Thanksgiving card ideas you can write.

For friends

Writing for a friend? Think of something memorable, something personal. It could be the biggest secret you’ve shared all year, or you could thank your friend for simply being there.

  • I have a lot to thank for this Thanksgiving, and you are on top of that list. I wouldn’t have made it here without you. Have a great Thanksgiving! Scan this QR code and try to guess my gift for you. Clue: it’s from the 80s. 

  • It started with a simple “Hello” look at us 11 years after—still the best of friends. I couldn’t ask for anything more than your friendship… and signature lasagna. Have an awesome Thanksgiving, bestie! Scan the QR code, but only if you want to cry.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you love, health, prosperity, and peace this holiday season. I would’ve given you the world, but I can’t, so I’m sending you this card instead (which is practically the same thing, lol). Scan the QR code for a surprise!

For family

Create a touching message for your family that embodies your personality. If you’re the funny one in the family, you can add some humor in it.

  • It’s that season again to be thankful that a talented, charming, and humble person (ME) is born into this family. You’re welcome. I’m not saying I have a surprise but scan the QR code or whatever.

  • Have a festive Thanksgiving! Wait, what’s that QR code doing there? Hmm, I wonder….

  • I am blessed to have such a remarkable family. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Here’s a trip down memory lane of our previous Thanksgiving dinners. Scan the QR code!

For business 

Business greeting cards don't have to be stiff and boring, whether for customers, business associates, colleagues, bosses, or employees. 

You should do the opposite and make yours enjoyable to make it stand out from the pile of other business greeting cards. 

Consider incorporating a Thanksgiving-themed design, a humorous message, or even Thanksgiving gift cards to a local restaurant to truly make your card stand out from the pile of other business greetings.

  • Thank you for your consistently cheerful mood in the workplace. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones! 

  • Always a pleasure and a source of motivation to work with you! May this Thanksgiving bring you joy and happiness. Looking forward to another year with you!

  • Thanks to you, I never dread coming to work on a Monday. If you’re spending the holidays at home, I hope you have an exciting time with your loved ones.

How to make greeting cards for Thanksgiving with videos

All you need is your phone and creativity when making greeting cards online with GiftLips. Snap a video, customize your message, generate your QR code, and you’re done! It’s that simple.

Here’s how to make greeting cards with personalized video messages: 

  1. Go to GiftLips and log in or sign up for a GiftLips account
  2. Choose your Thanksgiving card template and customize your card message 
  3. Then, click Next Step 
  4. Add/upload your videos 
  5. Click Invite Friends to collaborate with friends (optional)
  6. Then, click Done to see the preview
  7. Finally, download your card and print/send them to your friends

Video greeting card is the best card for Thanksgiving

You’re probably already choosing Thanksgiving greeting cards for friends, family, or colleagues. Hundreds of choices on the market can be confusing, so it’s best to make your own!

There are a hundred ways to make them. For one, you can use a greeting card generator to create a video greeting card.

Sign up for GiftLips today and make attractive and edgy greeting cards for FREE!

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