The Coolest Ways You Can Send A Video As A Gift

Last Updated: April 8, 2024

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Want to create a unique and personalized gift but don’t have enough time? You can try making a video gift!

With the power of technology at our fingertips, we can capture precious moments, heartfelt messages, and personalized experiences, all wrapped as a gift. 

From sending videos through a DVD to creating a video greeting card, learn the coolest ways to transform and send your videos as extraordinary and memorable gifts.

4 ways to send a video gift

We've narrowed down the hundreds of ways to send a video card to the four best ways to send them as gifts to all recipients. Check these out:

1. Gift it as a  video greeting card 

Fathers day card

Not a fan of e-cards and other digital forms of greeting? You’re going to love this card! It’s the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. The dynamic QR code printed on your card is the gateway to your video messages. 

What’s so cool about sending a video greeting card as a gift is that it has the power to make memories last. Recipients can watch and rewatch your video and relive your heartfelt gift whenever they want. 

Imagine the excitement on your recipient's face when they open a card and find a video message that comes to life after scanning the QR code with their smartphone! 

You can make different greeting cards with videos on your phone in less than 5  minutes, be it a birthday, wedding, or Father’s Day card. The best part is getting your recipient’s feedback through likes and comments on your greeting card. 

Read further to discover a cool greeting card video maker and tips on using it.

2. Send your video online

You can always send your video greetings online as is. Just choose a reliable social media or messaging app where you can send your videos quickly, and you’re good to go. Then, record a personalized video message with your smartphone, webcam, or digital camera. 

Pro tip: Keep your message concise and focus on the importance of the occasion.

Edit your video, trim any unnecessary footage, adjust the lighting or colors, and enhance the audio quality. Ensure that your video's file size is right, or compress it to ensure smooth uploading and sharing. 

After sending the video, remember to follow up with the recipient. Ask them if they have received the video and enjoyed it. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings.

3. Do it old-school 

Retro greeting card

There's something uniquely nostalgic and charming about sending your digital gift using physical media like CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, or USB flash drives. It has a retro appeal that transports your recipient to older, simpler times. 

Make an extra effort to make that retro lover (whether a baby boomer or Gen Z) in your life feel valued and appreciated in a world dominated by digital technology.

This beautiful gift bridges the generational gap and evokes fond memories.

There's a sense of wonder and curiosity as your loved one unwraps a beautifully packaged CD, DVD, or VHS tape that evokes memories of simpler times when physical media played a significant role in our lives.

Remember: Before going retro, ensure your recipient has the right devices and players to access your videos.

4. Surprise screening

Take gifting to the next level when you surprise your recipient not only with a special video but with a whole surprise party or a video screening! Keep the screening a secret and reveal it at the perfect moment for an unforgettable surprise.

Sharing a surprise screening creates a unique shared experience. You can watch the video together, laugh, cry, and experience the journey as it unfolds, deepening the emotional connection with your loved ones.

It’s perfect for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. It’s also great for celebrating milestones or achievements, like a retirement video that will add an element of surprise and level up the farewell celebration.

Create a video greeting card

5 Gift video ideas to spice up any occasions

Gift video ideas

Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, there’s a video that you can give for any occasion. Find inspiration from the top five best video ideas below:

1. Videos ala social media trend

Stay updated on the latest video trends on social media and try to incorporate them into your next video project. 

While it's important to align your videos with social media trends, it's equally crucial to add your personality.

Put your spin on the trend by adding your personal touch, incorporating your unique character, or bringing in your interests.

Authenticity is key when creating videos based on social media trends. Stay true to your voice and message, and choose trends that suit your recipient and occasion. 

2. Surprise collaboration

By bringing together special people in your recipient's life, you can create a truly memorable and heartwarming gift. 

For example, a Valentines card can feature heartfelt messages from family, friends, and loved ones, accompanied by videos or audio clips expressing love and appreciation.

A surprise collaboration instantly amplifies the wow factor of your video frame gift.

Use the help of individuals they admire or have a special connection with, like their most loved teacher, long-distance friends, or favorite celebrities—if you can! 

It adds an element of surprise that goes beyond expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

3. Parody video

Add a dose of humor, use your creativity, and make the funniest video yet! 

Gift a video parody birthday card and bring heaps of laughter and joy to instantly brighten your recipient's day and fill it with chuckles.

Tap into their unique (or dark) sense of humor and create a spoof or humorous imitation of something or someone meaningful to them.

It could be a music video of their favorite singer, a clip from their favorite movie, or a re-enactment of a memorable moment in their life. The possibilities are endless!

4. Message compilation

Let emotions wash over your loved one as they receive a heartfelt compilation of video messages from the special people in their lives.

It's a gift that touches the soul and leaves a lasting memory of warmth and happiness.

For instance, you can compile deeply personal and intimate video messages for your Mother's Day card or for a dear friend's birthday card.

Bring your recipient on a heartwarming journey down memory lane, with each message as a nostalgic reminder of cherished moments, milestones, and shared laughter. 

5. Time capsule

A time capsule video stores cherished memories, heartfelt messages, and glimpses into the past—a gift transcending time. 

Create an extensive collection of significant moments and experiences shaping the recipient's life and put them into a customized birthday card.

Include memories from childhood adventures and teenage heartaches to young adulthood milestones.

This digital keepsake is carefully curated to create a meaningful and nostalgic gift video that captures and preserves timeless memories. 

The video messages serve as a source of love, encouragement, and support, creating a tapestry of voices that resonate with the recipient's heart.

GiftLips: A greeting card video maker for creating timeless gifts

GiftLips is different from your usual greeting card provider. It offers a more genuine feel to your greeting card by allowing you to add videos so you can give more heartwarming wishes. 

Unlike traditional cards, greeting cards with videos let you convey your emotions and sincerity through more than words but also facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice.

What’s cool about our greeting card is that it’s actually a printed card, NOT an e-card, although you can download it in digital form for free.

A dynamic QR code seamlessly incorporated into your greeting card design serves as the bridge that connects your physical card to your digital videos.

Think of it like gift wrapping video clips as a present for your recipient. It’s fun, unique, and tech-savvy.

After scanning the code on their phones, your recipients can view your videos.

The best part is you’ll know if your recipients love your videos because they can like and comment on each one.

Unleash your creativity and produce a unique, personalized video showing you or your recipient's personality.

The possibilities are endless when you send your video as a greeting card!

How to make a video greeting card as a gift

Did you know you can personalize your greeting card using your phone in less than 3 minutes? Check out how to make a video gift in this 4-step easy-to-follow guide below:

1. Pick a card design for the occasion

Choose a card and tap Use this Template

Type a short message

Then, tap Next

2. Upload or record videos or audio 

Tap Record Video or Record Audio to record using your device

Or tap Upload Videos to add videos from your device

3. Finalize your card and videos

Then, tap Generate Preview to check your card videos

Optional: Tap Invite Others to create a unique link that you can send to others for collaboration

If you want to edit your card later, tap Save for Later

4. Download or Print and Ship to your recipient

Choose Print and Ship to send your greeting card directly to your recipient 

Or choose Download for Free to get the digital version 

Gift your loved ones with heartfelt videos they can keep

From personalized video greeting card messages to surprise collaborations and even time capsule videos, be inspired by the extraordinary ways you can send a video gift, leaving a lasting impression for years.

Check out the greeting cards you can use for FREE with Giftlips today! 

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