10 Tips for Creating an Engaging Video in Brochure

Last Updated: March 14, 2024

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Create an immersive and engaging experience for your audience through an innovative marketing strategy: a video in brochure. 

Compact yet powerful, these pocket-sized devices enable the seamless integration of high-quality video content into stylish, printed catalogs. 

The rising demand for video greeting cards further highlights the expanding significance of video-based marketing materials.

This trend emphasizes the effectiveness of integrating video content into traditional marketing tools, such as brochures and greeting cards, to engage and captivate the audience.

Discover how video brochures and greeting cards transform the marketing landscape and how you can leverage this powerful tool to elevate your brand below. 

What is a video brochure?

Video brochure
A brochure with video

An interactive video brochure is a marketing tool that combines a high-quality Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen with a custom-printed, branded brochure. 

It is designed to deliver tribute video content in a compact, handheld format that can be easily distributed and viewed without needing an internet connection or electricity. 

Video brochures are used to enhance marketing messages, increase engagement, and improve brand recognition. 

They are available in various sizes, from as small as 4.3 inches to as large as 10 inches, and can be customized with different screen sizes, quantities, and features. 

Video brochures are popular among businesses, advertising agencies, and organizations for their ability to make messages more memorable, create a positive first impression, and shorten sales cycles.

Creating an interactive video brochure: 10 tips 

Creating a highly effective video in brochure involves a blend of creativity, technical finesse, and strategic thinking. 

To ensure your project resonates with your audience, consider the following extended insights:

Engaging cover design

Design a visually appealing cover that conveys a clear message. Include a single, compelling call to action (CTA) to guide the viewer.

High-quality visuals

Utilize high-resolution images and original illustrations consistently throughout the brochure. Maintain a visual coherence that captivates your audience.

User-friendly content

Ensure the content is not only engaging but also convenient to read. Focus on concise, clear text complemented by visuals to enhance comprehension.

Video integration

Embed videos strategically to enrich the content and establish an emotional connection with the audience. Leverage the power of visual storytelling.

A compelling call to action (CTA)

Create a strong and compelling CTA that motivates viewers to take action. Guide them seamlessly through the desired next steps.

Interactive elements

Enhance engagement by incorporating interactive elements such as videos, GIFs, pop-up images, and clickable links. Make the brochure an immersive experience.

Choose the right publishing platform

Select a publishing platform that aligns with your needs and supports interactive content. Ensure compatibility for a seamless user experience.

Visual mapping

Before finalizing, visually map out your brochure to confirm all elements are strategically placed. Ensure a cohesive design that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Simplicity and navigation

Keep the design simple and easy to navigate. Establish a clear structure with an intuitive layout, allowing viewers to explore the content effortlessly.

Test with the target audience

Conduct thorough testing with your target audience to ensure the brochure meets their expectations and effectively addresses their needs. Use feedback to refine and enhance the final product.

Benefits of a video in brochure

Increased engagement

Video brochures capture attention and are more likely to be shared and viewed by decision-makers, leading to expanded engagement.

Higher recall rates

Using the memorability of video content, recipients are more likely to retain and share information presented in a video brochure, ensuring a lasting impact.

Improved brand perception

By making messages more memorable, video brochures empower companies to shape how their brand is perceived, contributing to an improved overall brand image.

More leads and sales

Video brochures can increase engagement and response rates and close business, ultimately resulting in more leads and sales.

Stand out from the competition

They help companies stand out and make a lasting impression, as they are unique and create a multimedia experience.

Personalized experience

Video brochures offer a high degree of personalization, allowing companies to tailor the content to specific audiences.

Trackable results

Video brochures offer a great ROI compared to other marketing methods, with higher engagement rates and longer shelf life, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Innovative applications of video in brochure

Product launches

Product launch video brochure
Video brochure for product launch

Video brochures can create anticipation and showcase the features of a new product in an exciting and memorable way. 

Personalized video greeting card

Educational materials

Simplify the communication of complex messages with video brochures in educational settings. 

Present information in an engaging and easily digestible format, enhancing the learning experience for your audience.

Real estate marketing

Real estate marketing brochure
Video brochure for real estate

Video brochures for real estate marketing can be used to present property listings, virtual tours, and agent introductions, providing a unique and engaging way to showcase real estate properties

Corporate presentations

Make corporate presentations dynamic and engaging by incorporating video brochures. 

This approach increases the likelihood that your messages will not only be heard but also remembered, ensuring effective communication.

Direct mail campaigns

These innovative marketing materials are more engaging than traditional print brochures and offer a multimedia experience that can include audio and video, which helps hold viewers’ attention longer

Trade shows

Video books can be distributed at trade shows or events, making them ideal for marketing purposes and helping brands stand out and capture the attention of potential customers.

Retail displays

Enhance retail marketing with video brochures used to showcase products, communicate brand messages, and provide an interactive experience for customers. 

These brochures become valuable assets in the retail space.

Event invitations

Event video brochure
Video brochure for event

To elevate your event invitations, consider using video brochures to create a lasting impression. 

Additionally, you can enhance the experience by sending out a video greeting card for your business event. 

These innovative approaches not only serve as invitations but also effectively communicate the unique value and excitement of your event, adding an element of exclusivity.

Video greeting cards: how can they elevate your brand?

Greeting cards with video messages can elevate your brand by providing a unique and engaging way to connect with your audience. 

By incorporating personalized video content, these cards offer a more heartfelt and sincere way to convey your message.

With the user-friendly online greeting card maker like GiftLips, you can create video greeting cards with ease.

The platform offers several benefits for video brochure creation, including:

Dynamic QR code

GiftLips enables you to add a dynamic QR code to your video greeting card, allowing recipients to scan the code with their mobile phones to view the embedded videos instantly. 

It enhances the traditional greeting card experience by incorporating personalized video content

Video personalization

With GiftLips, you can record custom video cards or upload pre-recorded videos to your greeting cards. 

This feature allows for a more engaging and emotional way to connect with your audience, making your cards more heartfelt and sincere

Convenient and versatile

Whether you choose to send your card as an e-card or a physical greeting card, GiftLips offers the flexibility to create and share your video greeting cards in various formats. 

This versatility makes it a suitable tool for both digital and traditional marketing efforts.

The power of interactive marketing: your journey starts here

Incorporating video in brochures into various aspects of your marketing strategy adds a layer of innovation and engagement.

Capture your audience’s attention and improve the overall impact of your messaging in diverse settings with this innovative feature. 

Start by exploring the world of video brochures and video greeting cards. The possibilities are endless, and the results speak for themselves. 

Remember, the future of marketing is interactive, engaging, and driven by video. 

Visit GiftLips to unlock the power of video for your brand.

Frequently asked questions 

How to make a brochure in a word video?

To make a brochure in Microsoft Word, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Word and select “Blank Document” or choose a brochure template from the “Office.com Templates” section.
  2. Set up the margins and layout of your brochure by selecting “Layout” from the main menu.
  3. Customize the text and images inside the brochure with your own content.
  4. Preview and print your brochure by selecting “Print” from the “File” menu.
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