How to Create a Memorable Video Greeting Card

Last Updated: June 4, 2024

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You can now add and send personalized video messages through a video greeting card. It’s the newest greeting trend where you personalize your cards by adding videos and audio.

A video greeting is a great upgrade from regular and otherwise boring texts to memorable and heartwarming messages.

So, what makes greeting cards with videos so popular? How can you make one? And are they really that necessary? Keep reading for the answers below.

What is a video greeting card?

It’s a physical greeting card that allows you to add digital videos without diminishing the ability to print your greeting card. 

This means, yes, you can still print your greeting card videos. And, no, a tribute video card is not an electronic card. 

Though you can download your card and send it to your recipients digitally, your greeting card with videos is primarily printed and shipped to you or your recipients. 

How to make a video greeting card for free

Kiss your traditional, store-bought cards goodbye and say hello to personalized video greetings; you can make these in less than 5 minutes!

Here's how to make a video greeting card in 5 easy steps: 

Step 1: Choose a card design for the occasion 

Go to the GiftLips free online greeting card maker and choose a card that matches the occasion

Click Use this Template and add a short written greeting to your card

Then, tap Next 

Step 2: Add a gift card 

After choosing the perfect card design and personalizing it with your written message, it's time to add a digital gift card. 

Select your recipient's country to view the available gift cards, choose the one you want, and select the specific amount you wish to include. 

Note: Alternatively, you can skip this step by clicking the “skip” button if you prefer not to include a digital gift card.

Step 3: Upload or record heartfelt videos 

Tap Record Video to capture your video through your phone

Or tap Upload Video to transfer videos from your device to your card

Step 4: Preview your videos

Tap Generate Preview to preview and check if your videos are up and playable

When you’re done and satisfied with your videos, proceed to Step 4

If you want to save your progress for now and resume it later, tap Save for Later

Optional: Tap Invite Others to allow your friends to add their videos directly to your card 

Step 5: Download or send your video card

Tap Download to save your card to your device for free

Or tap Print and Ship to send an actual card to your recipient

Then, scan the QR code on your card to check if it’s working

How to send digital greeting cards with video 

From sending virtual cards to shipping actual greeting cards, here are the 3 different ways you can send your greeting card with videos to a special someone:

1. Ship your greeting cards directly to your recipients

After adding videos to your greeting card, you can send it directly to your recipient so they’ll receive it on time. You don’t need to worry. GiftLips offers to print and ship your cards worldwide.

2. Include a small gift or flowers along with your card

Level up your gifts with a personalized greeting card with videos. You can download and print your card at home or ship it to your home address to give it to your recipient and your gifts.

3. Send your video greetings online as e-cards 

Running out of time? Send your cards with videos online as electronic cards. After customizing your card, you can download and send it immediately to your recipient through email or chat, making it the perfect last-minute personalized greeting card.

Why greeting cards with videos are better than regular ones

Personalization sets a video greeting card apart from a store-bought one.  You can customize it by adding special videos for the recipient, making it sincere and sentimental.

GiftLips uses a dynamic video QR code that lets you add videos and other digital media to your card (not an e-card), so you can send your videos in a greeting card to your recipient. This can accompany your gifts or be the gift itself. 

Making and sending greeting cards online is also an advantage for busy people who don’t have enough time to create a personalized card but are thoughtful enough to make a loved one feel special.

It only takes 5 minutes (or less) to make a greeting card on the go with your smartphone.

And aside from greeting, your cards are also for building a connection. With one scan using their phones, recipients can view your heartfelt videos and leave like reactions and comments.

Types of  greeting cards you can send with videos 

GiftLips offers over a hundred greeting cards with video template designs for all greeting card holidays and occasions, such as:

1. Birthday card

Video birthday cards can instantly make someone’s day. Personalized cards like this can make anyone feel special on their special day. You can also send a greeting card for special birthdays like:

  • 1st birthday
  • Quinceañera
  • Sweet 16th birthday 
  • Golden birthday
  • Bar/bat mitzvah
  • 50th birthday

2. Appreciation cards

Appreciation e-cards are special cards made for someone special. They’re cards you can give on specific holidays or random days. 

Giving cards like these shows support and appreciation for their uniqueness and importance. Here are some examples:

  • For Him and Her cards
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day card
  • Women’s Day card
  • Pride Cards
  • Veteran’s Day cards
  • Administrative Professionals Day card
  • Nurses Day cards
  • Friendship cards

3. Religious greeting cards

Many people find comfort, inspiration, and assurance in religious greeting cards. Sending a religious greeting card video for a holiday, special occasion, or support can indicate you understand and share their values. 

It can also offer prayers, blessings, and encouragement during hard times. Some of these are:

  • Religious Christmas cards
  • Easter greeting cards
  • Ramadan greeting cards
  • Hanukkah cards
  • Diwali greeting cards
  • Prayer get well soon cards

4. Holiday cards

Sending holiday cards is a great way to share joy, gratitude, and love. Receiving a real card in the mail is a nice break from screens and a reminder of human connection in our increasingly digital world. Here are some holiday cards that you can send:

  • New Year greeting card
  • Christmas cards
  • Lunar New Year
  • Valentine’s Day card
  • Thanksgiving cards
  • Halloween cards

5. Occasion cards

Occasion cards can brighten someone’s day. These cards may convey our intentions and help us communicate, maintain, and build real relationships. Occasion cards are a simple but effective way to connect and convey positivity. Examples of these cards are:

  • Thank you cards
  • Farewell cards
  • I miss you cards
  • Sorry cards
  • Get well soon cards
  • Cheering on you cards
  • Just because cards

6. Milestone cards

Milestone cards highlight life’s important occasions and achievements. They’re a considerate way to celebrate someone’s success and recognize their hard work. Milestone cards strengthen relationships and create lasting memories. It’s a tiny gesture with a great impact. Here are some cards you can send:

  • Gender reveal cards
  • Baptism cards
  • Anniversary cards
  • Good luck and best wishes cards
  • Retirement cards

7. Tribute cards

Tribute cards provide consolation and support during grief or commemorate a loved one’s most cherished moments. 

These cards are comforting in sorrowful times and celebrating happy memories. You can use tribute video cards for:

  • Birthday tribute
  • Retirement tribute
  • Military tribute
  • Funeral video tribute
  • Graduation tribute

8. Invitation cards

Aside from greeting cards, you can incorporate videos to make your invitation cards more engaging. Invite guests to a unique event with innovative video invitation cards, and set the mood to excite your guests. They can also more accurately present event information visually. You can create invitation cards for:

  • Pool party invitation
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Gender reveal invitation
  • New Year’s Eve Party Invitation

Create a genuine connection with your loved ones through greeting cards with videos 

A video greeting card is a next-level versatile greeting card that anyone can use for all occasions. Whether it’s Valentine's, Christmas, a birthday, or just because cards, you can always make your cards more heartfelt or playful when you add videos.

Sending a video greeting card allows you to create a valuable and unique personalized way to express more of what you feel. 

Shop for the best greeting card with videos at GiftLips today and get your first five downloadable cards for FREE. Sign up now!

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