How to Make a Birthday Card With a Voice Recording for Free

Last Updated: February 1, 2024

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The birthday card with voice recording is one of the popular trends of the late 2000s. This talking card looks just like a regular greeting card on the outside—a bit heavier than usual—but a Happy Birthday song or a voice message starts to play when you open it.

But did you know that your birthday greeting card with audio just got an upgrade? It’s now a lot thinner, more convenient, and more accessible. But best of all, you can now DIY a birthday greeting card with audio for free!

This means you can have a pocketful of sunshine while adding a fun twist to your greeting card.

Using GiftLips, the online video greeting card generator, you can add a voice or audio recording instead of videos if you’re camera shy. 

Learn how to make a new version of a birthday card with audio in under five minutes with this easy-to-use software. 

How to create a birthday card with a voice recording for FREE 

You can record or upload your voice or audio clips to your greeting card using a birthday card maker in less than 3 minutes! Here’s how:

1. Choose a birthday card and add a personalized greeting

Go to GiftLips free online greeting card maker, and choose a birthday card

Tap Use this Template and add a short birthday greeting

Then, tap Next

Pro Tip: Add the name of the birthday celebrant to add a personal touch

2. Upload or record your audio or voice message

Tap Record Audio to record your voice or audio birthday message using your device

Or tap Upload to upload audio and voice clips from your device 

Note: You can upload or record multiple audio clips

3. Finalize your voice or audio attachments

Tap Generate Preview to check that all your audio attachments are uploaded or recorded

Optional: Tap Invite Others to enable other people to add their audio/videos to your birthday card

4. Download or ship your birthday card

Tap Download for Free to download your card as an e-card for free

Or tap Print and Ship to send your card to you or your recipient

12 Benefits of using GiftLips: A free online greeting card maker to create a voice message birthday card

Free online greeting card maker

GiftLips allows you to make personalized greeting cards with voice or video greetings for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday, or other occasion. You can choose a card, add your voice or video clips, and send your birthday card to this innovative greeting card provider.

Gone are the days of mailing plain greeting cards. Now, everyone can send their loved ones greeting cards with voice and video messages. 

With GiftLips, you can create a personalized birthday card for FREE in less than 5 minutes! Here are 12 other benefits of creating greeting cards online:

1. Personalize your birthday card with voice recording

Every year, we search for the perfect birthday card that's unique, heartfelt, and unforgettable. Imagine giving a birthday card that lets your loved one hear your sincerest greetings through the sound of your voice. There’s a heartwarming feeling when you hear your loved one’s voice-recorded birthday message in a greeting card.

Personalized cards can instantly brighten anyone’s day. Knowing they made a birthday card just for you makes even the simplest birthday wishes one of the best gift ideas. It’s a gift that creates a connection beyond distance and time, reminding them of your bond. 

2. Send a personalized birthday card with a voice message  without leaving your home

Since greeting card makers are online software,  you can record a heartfelt voice message while getting cozy on your couch.

With just a few clicks, you can choose the perfect design for a birthday card and add personal touches to make it uniquely theirs and you can do these even while you’re still in your pajamas!

After adding voice messages and audio files to your birthday card (not an e-card), you can send it to the celebrant using the same innovative greeting card generator hassle-free! 

3. Gain access anytime, anywhere

Suppose you’re on vacation at a white sand beach when you suddenly remember your mom’s birthday is in two days, and you still want to give her something special despite the limited time you have left.

After choosing your last-minute birthday gift idea, you’ll need a special birthday card to pair it with.

GiftLips can be a handy and creative lifesaver. You can create and send customized birthday cards whenever and wherever you are.

With just a few taps on your phone or clicks on your laptop, you can make a birthday card for a loved one.

No matter the location, whether you're on a spontaneous adventure or cozying up at home, the canvas is yours to explore. 

4. Do everything at your fingertips

There’s no need to worry about rushing to the store or standing in long lines. You won’t have to search through stacks of generic cards to find the perfect one with the right words that match the celebrant’s personality. 

GiftLips online greeting card generator is a virtual studio that brings your imagination and creativity to life. It’s where you can explore a vast library of stunning templates and captivating customizable designs.

From choosing a card, transforming it into a birthday card with voice messages, and sending it, you can do everything with a few swipes and taps of your fingers.

5. Add as many voice recordings as you want

Your words hold power, your voice carries emotions, and now, using GiftLips, you can use them to send genuine care and respect to your loved ones with a voice-recorded message.

It allows you to add as many voice recordings as your heart wants because every message deserves to be heard.

Unlike the usual talking greeting card that only lets you add a voice message of up to 4 minutes, a greeting card made with GiftLips allows you to record your own greeting card and add as many clips as you want.

6. Invite multiple people to add voice messages to your card

Birthday card with voice message

GiftLips lets you collaborate with others and add their recordings, which can be fun and engaging for you and your friends or loved ones.

Invite the whole family, even those abroad, to collaborate and create a touching golden birthday card for Grandma. There is no need to gather their voice recordings individually.

You can just send them an invitation link that enables them to add their audio and video clips directly to your shared greeting card.

Wherever your loved ones may be, their distance won’t stop them from participating in a special greeting project to make a loved one feel special on their birthday. 

7. Attach voice or video recordings on a birthday card

Birthday card with videos

Sometimes, words alone aren't enough to express your genuine emotions. That's why GiftLips also enables you to deliver your heartfelt greetings as a birthday video instead of a voice recording on your greeting card.

Your greetings are no longer bound to just images, text, or audio. Your videos become virtual windows into your world where you can share your adventures, sing a happy birthday song, reenact a cherished memory, or express your love with an authenticity that words alone cannot convey.

8. Track your card activity 

Aside from letting you create beautiful QR code greeting cards, GiftLips also keeps you updated on your card activities, like those who responded to your invitations for collaboration and contributed their heartfelt messages and special greetings.

But that's not all: Our innovative platform also lets you track the number of scans on your QR code greeting card. So you can witness the growing ripple of joy as people scan and share your card, spreading smiles and warmth to your loved ones.

9. Allow the birthday celebrant to like and comment

Birthday card with comment

Birthdays are celebrations of joy, love, and connection. It’s always better when shared with others, and GiftLips knows this best.

With just a tap, the birthday celebrant can now like and comment on each voice or video recording to express gratitude, share their thoughts, and engage in a heartfelt conversation with the senders.

GiftLips transforms your plain greetings into vibrant conversations. It becomes a virtual space where love, memories, and well-wishes meet, creating a sense of togetherness and connection.

10. Create and send birthday card with voice recordings or videos without batteries

Embrace a new era of celebration with an online birthday video maker that uses dynamic QR codes that allow your recipients to play the birthday card with voice and video recordings effortlessly and without the need for batteries.

The magic unfolds when the recipient scans the dynamic QR code with their smartphone. Like a symphony in their hands, your card sings, and the videos come to life, filling the room with joyous laughter and heartfelt messages through their phones.

11. Share your card online as a birthday e-card with music or voice messages for free

Send your personalized birthday greetings as beautiful e-cards with music or heartfelt voice messages at no cost.

With GiftLips, sending birthday e-cards with music or voice messages has never been easier or more accessible. No more waiting for snail mail because you can send a birthday card with audio online for free.

But if you prefer a traditional card, you can choose their print and ship option to send your card to your recipient anywhere in the world. 

12. Enjoy easy access with the card’s dynamic QR code

The dynamic QR code for a voice recording gift makes your greeting cards more exciting by effortlessly turning your birthday card into an immersive multimedia experience. 

With a simple scan, your recipients travel into a digital world where they can hear your voice and see your video messages without cumbersome downloads. 

Add a fun and musical twist to your birthday greeting card

Creating a birthday card with a voice recording has never been easier or more accessible, thanks to online greeting card generators that you can use for free.

Adding voice recordings from you or the people you love creates warmth and an emotional connection that only the actual voice can convey, creating a personal touch that makes your recipients feel cherished and loved on their special day.

Giftlips, an innovative free online greeting card maker, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience and allows you to personalize your greetings with heartfelt video or voice recordings at no cost.

Skip the store-bought, regular greeting cards and instead give a valuable birthday card with your audio or video recordings.

Sign up and create your GiftLips birthday card with video and voice recordings for FREE today! 

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