Beyond the Pixel: LCD Video Card (We Mean Brochures!)

Last Updated: April 8, 2024

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An LCD video card, or, more accurately, a video brochure, is an innovative marketing tool that combines the portability of a brochure with the captivating power of video.

If your marketing material is gathering dust in a forgotten brochure rack, there's a good chance your current brochures just aren't cutting it anymore. 

Traditional static brochures can feel impersonal and easily get lost in the shuffle. 

But with a video brochure, your content can come alive and engage viewers with dynamic content and a truly interactive experience.

What is an LCD video card? (debunking the confusion)

LCD video card
Video in a brochure

Before we dive in, let's clear up a potential misconception. “LCD video card” can have two meanings:

  • Traditional graphics card with LCD Output (rare): In the world of computer components, an “LCD video card” could refer to an older graphics card with an LCD display output. However, this usage is uncommon today.
  • Interactive marketing tool (focus here): The more relevant meaning for the purposes of an LCD video in brochure is it's a unique marketing tool that combines a traditional brochure format with a built-in LCD screen, speaker, and battery.

Dive deep into video brochures 

Imagine a brochure that comes to life when a potential customer opens it.  

Videos, animations, and even interactive elements can be incorporated, creating a truly engaging experience. 

Here's a breakdown of how video brochures work:

  • Components: A video brochure typically consists of a sturdy cardstock shell housing an LCD screen, a small speaker, and a rechargeable battery.
  • Functionalities: The LCD screen displays pre-loaded video content, which can be controlled by buttons on the brochure itself. Some brochures even have QR codes that link to additional online content.

Benefits of LCD screen brochures

Video brochures go far beyond simply grabbing attention. These digital cards can significantly enhance your marketing strategy. 

Here's a deeper dive into the advantages they provide:

Interactive and engaging

Interactive experience
Immerse in interactive experience

A video message card can transform passive brochure viewing into an active experience. 

Viewers can control the pace of information intake, revisit specific segments, and even interact with calls to action displayed on the screen. 

This interactivity fosters a deeper connection with the brand and the message being conveyed.

Increased brand recall

Static brochures often get lost in the shuffle. Video brochures, with their captivating visuals and dynamic content, create a lasting impression on potential customers. 

Studies show that viewers retain information from videos far better than from text alone. 

By incorporating video marketing elements, you significantly increase the chances of your brand and message being remembered long after the brochure is viewed.

Measurable results

Unlike traditional brochures, video cards offer the ability to track engagement metrics. 

Many interactive brochures come equipped with features like video play counts and button presses, allowing you to gauge viewer interest and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.

Data collection potential

Some LCD video cards can be programmed to collect data through QR codes or interactive elements. 

It can provide valuable insights into viewer demographics and interests, helping you refine your target audience and personalize future marketing efforts.

Reduced printing costs

While the initial investment in custom video cards with LCD might be higher than in traditional brochures, consider the long-term benefits. 

Video brochures are reusable, eliminating the need for frequent reprints as content updates are easily made with a simple software update.

Eco-friendly potential

While traditional brochures contribute to paper waste, brochures with videos offer a more sustainable option, especially when sourced from companies that utilize recycled materials and rechargeable batteries.

Unique trade show standout

In a sea of static booths at trade shows, video brochures as an event marketing idea can be a game-changer. 

They instantly attract attention and provide a captivating way to showcase your products or services, leaving a lasting impression on potential leads.

Complementary marketing strategy

Innovative marketing strategy
Connect with your target audience

Video brochures seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing efforts. 

Include QR codes on the brochure that link to your website or social media pages, further extending the reach of your message and fostering a multi-channel brand experience.

Creative use cases of interactive brochures with videos

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using video brochures in your marketing strategy. Here are a few inspiring examples:

  • Real estate: Realtors can use video brochures to showcase properties with stunning visuals and virtual tours.
  • Education: Schools and universities can use video brochures to highlight their programs, faculty, and campus life.
  • Events: Event planners can send a video card to generate excitement and provide key information about upcoming event ideas. 
  • Retail: Showcase product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes glimpses into manufacturing, or exclusive offers.
  • Restaurants: Offer virtual tours of the dining space, feature mouthwatering video presentations of signature dishes, or showcase testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Non-profits: Tell compelling stories about the causes they support, include video testimonials from beneficiaries, and provide clear calls to action for volunteering or donating.
  • Greeting cards: Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Valentines Day card, or any other significant event, sending an interactive brochure adds a touch of creativity and thoughtfulness. Incorporate videos, animations, and interactive elements to make the recipient's experience truly special.

The personal touch: video greeting cards with GiftLips

Video greeting card
Customized video greeting card

While LCD screen brochures excel in the marketing realm, the desire for a more personal touch in greetings remains strong.  This is where video greeting cards come in.

Similar to video brochures, video greeting cards combine a traditional greeting card format with a digital twist.  

GiftLips is a free online greeting card maker that allows you to create a personalized video message card using a dynamic video QR code.

This way, you can add a heartfelt touch to your greetings while maintaining the charm of a physical card.

How to make a video greeting card

With a free online greeting card maker like GiftLips, video greeting cards are a breeze! Here's how to make a video greeting card in just a few steps:

  1. Sign up & choose: Visit GiftLips and pick a template that matches your occasion. Birthday? Anniversary? They've got you covered.
  2. Gift card (optional): Add digital gift cards from popular brands if you want to combine your message with a present.
  3. Upload or record a video: Upload a pre-recorded video message or record one directly on GiftLips. Feeling camera shy? Upload an audio message instead!
  4. Preview your card: Preview your creation to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect.
  5. Save and download: Save your card digitally to share electronically or download it for printing. A physical card with a digital surprise!

Interactive LCD brochures & personalized videos

Standing out in a world saturated with digital content requires creativity and a personal touch.  

Both video brochures and video greeting cards offer unique ways to break through the noise and create a lasting impact.

Video brochures provide an interactive and engaging marketing experience, while video greeting cards allow you to personalize your greetings in a way that static cards simply can't.

For a truly personal touch, consider using a free online greeting card maker like GiftLips. Imagine sending a birthday card where the recipient sees a video message from you – singing, telling a joke, or sharing a special memory.

The emotional connection created by a personalized video greeting card is unmatched by a traditional card.

Interactive LCD brochures and personalized video greeting cards offer a modern and engaging way to connect with your audience.

Whether you're a business promoting a product or an individual sending a heartfelt message, consider these innovative options to make your communication truly shine.

By embracing these innovative tools, you can connect with your target audience on a deeper level and leave a memorable impression.

Reimagine marketing with interactive experiences

LCD video card brochures are the future of marketing lies in captivating your audience with dynamic and interactive experiences.  

These innovative tools offer an interactive experience that captivates attention, boosts brand recall, and delivers measurable results.

But the power of visual storytelling extends beyond marketing.  For those personal touches, explore the realm of video greeting cards.

Don't hesitate! Share your brand story in a captivating way, or add a touch of magic to your personal greetings.

Visit GiftLips and create your first video greeting card today!

Frequently asked questions

How much do video brochures cost? 

The cost of video brochures can vary depending on factors like size, screen quality, and quantity. Generally, they range from a few dollars to tens of dollars per unit.

Can I customize video brochures? 

Absolutely! Most video brochure providers offer customization options for the printed shell, video content, and even button functionalities.

Where can I get video brochures made? 

Numerous companies specialize in creating video brochures. Research online printing companies that offer video brochure services.

Are video brochures eco-friendly? 

While video brochures offer a unique advantage, consider their environmental impact. Explore options from companies that use recycled materials and offer rechargeable batteries.

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