Prayer Cards for Funerals Remembrance: Honoring Memories

Last Updated: May 13, 2024

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Prayer cards for funerals serve a beautiful dual purpose: they offer a comforting touchstone for those grieving and provide a lasting tribute to the departed. 

The loss of a loved one is a deeply personal experience that leaves us feeling raw and vulnerable. 

In the midst of this emotional storm, it's natural to search for ways to find solace and honor the memory of the person we've lost.

A free online greeting card maker empowers you to go beyond generic templates and create personalized prayer cards that truly reflect the life and spirit of your loved one.

Keep reading to discover our collection of design features, inspirational quotes, and everything you need to create a meaningful prayer card.

Quotes and messages to write on prayer cards for funerals

Prayer card
Memorial card

In moments of grief, the right words can offer immense comfort. 

A prayer card is a virtual hug for loved ones or friends, a tangible expression of our love and appreciation in a time of grief.

Here are 10 curated quotes suitable for prayer cards, encompassing themes of solace, celebration, and the hope of the afterlife:

Comforting quotes

  • “What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller 
  • “Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor is it a lack of faith… It is the price of love.” – Colin Powell 
  • “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Life-celebrating quotes

  • “Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle rain.” – Native American Death Song 
  • “She lived a life of love and laughter and died leaving a legacy of beauty.” – Denzel Washington 
  • “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust 

Afterlife quotes

  • “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.” (Job 19:25) – Bible Verse 
  • “Those we love don't go away; They walk beside us every day, Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear.” – Author Unknown 
  • “In Ramana, there is neither birth nor death.” – Ramana Maharshi 
  • “When the body is cast off like an outworn garment, the soul, free from grief and fear, goes to meet the lord of truth.” – Katha Upanishad 

General messages 

  • “Though you are gone, your light continues to shine within our hearts.” 
  • “May cherished memories bring you comfort during this difficult time.” 
  • “Your gentle spirit will be deeply missed but never forgotten.” 
  • “Rest in peace, knowing you are loved and forever cherished.”
  • “Your journey here may be complete, but your memory lives on eternally.” 
  • “Wishing you peace and love on your eternal journey.” 
  • “May your laughter continue to echo in our hearts.” 
  • “Until we meet again, you'll be forever in our thoughts.” 
  • “You left a beautiful mark on the world, and we are forever grateful.” 
  • “Though tears may fall, love for you will always remain.” 

How do you write memorial cards?

In the wake of loss, a prayer card serves as a beautiful way to honor the deceased and offer comfort to grieving loved ones. 

Some may include a tribute video presentation, a favorite song, or just some comforting messages. 

But with so many elements to consider, you might wonder where to begin. Here's a step-by-step guide to writing a heartfelt and personalized prayer card:

1. Gather information

Start by collecting the essential details:

  • Deceased's Name: Include their full name for clarity.
  • Dates: Add the deceased's date of birth and passing.
  • Optional: If relevant, include their middle name or a preferred nickname.

2. Craft the message

Here are some options to consider:

  • Religious prayer: If the deceased followed a specific religion, choose a short prayer from that tradition. Many religious texts offer beautiful passages suitable for funeral memorial cards.
  • Secular prayer: If the deceased was not religious, opt for a secular prayer. Focus on themes like peace, comfort, or the beauty of life.
  • Nature-inspired prayer: Nature provides solace and a sense of renewal. Explore prayers that reference the serenity of nature or the everlasting cycle of life and death.
  • Personal message: Consider a heartfelt message reflecting your relationship with the deceased. Share a cherished memory or a quality you admired in them and include it in free printable greeting cards online.

3. Keep it concise and meaningful

Prayer cards for funerals are small tokens, so keep your message brief yet impactful. Focus on a central sentiment that resonates with you and captures the essence of the deceased.

4.  Incorporate additional touches

  • Favorite quote or poem: Did the deceased have a beloved quote or poem? Including it adds another layer of meaning and personalization.
  • Religious symbol (optional): For those of faith, adding a relevant religious symbol or scriptures can be a comforting touch.
  • Photo (optional): Consider adding a small photo of the deceased as a funeral favor, particularly for those who cherish visual mementos.

5. Proofread and edit

Double-check all information for accuracy. Take the time to refine your message until it feels complete and reflects your heartfelt emotions.


There is no right or wrong way to write a prayer card. Let your emotions guide you, and focus on creating a meaningful tribute that honors your loved one's memory. 

Create meaningful prayer cards for funerals with GiftLips

Video greeting card
Personalized prayer card with video

In the face of loss, a personalized prayer card offers a beautiful way to honor a life well lived and comfort loved ones. 

But with GiftLips, you can create an even more meaningful keepsake that goes beyond the traditional prayer card.

This free online greeting card maker features a vast template of free ecards exceeding 100 designs. 

You can also upload a cherished photograph of the departed onto the card's cover. 

Allow a loved one's smile, a cherished moment, memorial quotes, or a familiar scene to become the focal point of this enduring keepsake.

Get ready to be amazed! Learn how to make a video greeting card in just a few steps.

Upload a heartfelt video message directly onto the card. Share a personal story, a favorite anecdote, or a simple expression of love – all preserved within the card for your loved ones to cherish.

Users can check these templates to create a personalized video message card and prayer cards suitable for a wide range of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

How to turn personalized prayer cards into a video greeting card

Make a video card
Create a custom video message card

Spreading love and support for someone recovering is so much more personal when you can see and hear the care in your words. 

Here's how a free online greeting card maker can help you transform prayers into a heartwarming video greeting card:

  1. Open GiftLips on your phone and choose Upload your custom picture template.  
  2. Record a video message with GiftLips or upload pre-made prayer messages. 
  3. Tap “Done Uploading” to see a preview.
  4. Want to include more prayer messages? Invite friends to join with a special link. (optional)
  5. Download your video greeting card and share the love.

What is the best prayer for a funeral card? 

There's no one-size-fits-all “best” prayer for a funeral card. It should reflect the deceased's beliefs (religious text excerpt) or your own (secular themes like peace) and the desired tone (comforting, hopeful, etc.).

Good prayers are:

  • Make it short & impactful
  • Create personalized prayer cards (mention a detail about the deceased)
  • Resonant with you (feels right)

You can also combine the prayer with a heartfelt message or a cherished quote for extra personalization.

The key is to create a message that honors your loved one and offers comfort to those grieving.

A lasting tribute crafted with care

Prayer cards for funerals serve as a tangible reminder of a life well-lived and the love that endures beyond loss. 

By incorporating heartfelt messages, meaningful quotes, and personalized touches, you can create a lasting tribute that honors the memory of your loved one.

The most important aspect isn't finding the “perfect” words but expressing your love and appreciation for the deceased in a way that feels authentic to you. 

GiftLips understands the importance of personalization during this sensitive time. 

Create a prayer card with a video message that reflects your unique relationship with the deceased and conveys the emotions you hold close to your heart.

 Express your love and appreciation in a way that truly resonates with GiftLips.

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