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Last Updated: June 10, 2024

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Build a positive and supportive work environment by creating personalized greetings in recognizing your colleagues' milestones.

Whether it's birthdays, work anniversaries, maybe even graduation or retirement.

But let's be honest, finding the perfect greeting card can feel like a chore. 

The pre-written messages are often generic, and who even has time to run out and buy one anymore?

Here's where GiftLips comes in! This free online greeting card maker lets you create unique, personalized cards with a special twist—-videos. 

Are you curious about how to add that extra touch of fun and personality to your greetings? Learn how to make celebrations extra special below. 

Why GiftLips makes office greetings a breeze

Video greeting cards
Choose free printable greeting cards

Let's face it: between deadlines and meetings, who has time to run out for a card, let alone find the perfect one? 

Sending personalized greetings electronically with GiftLips is a breeze compared to traditional cards.

It's convenient, saves you time, and lets you create a truly special tribute video from your desk. 

Plus, GiftLips offers a ton of features to help you along the way:

Customized templates

Are you looking for inspiration? No worries! GiftLips provides a range of pre-designed templates for different occasions to help you get started. 

Whether it is for employee appreciation or birthdays—your call. 

This takes the pressure off while still allowing you to personalize the message further.

Personalization feature

Here's where GiftLips truly shines!  Go beyond a simple text message. 

You can add photos of your team blowing out candles, a funny inside joke video, or even record a talking greeting card with a personalized message yourself.

A little personalization goes a long way in creating a more meaningful experience for your colleagues.

Cost-effective cheers

Who doesn't love saving money? GiftLips is completely free to use.

You can now ditch the overpriced store cards and celebrate your colleagues with personalized greetings in style without breaking the bank.

The power of video

GiftLips' unique video greeting card feature lets you add a dynamic element to your greetings.  

Imagine a group video message filled with funny faces and well wishes – it's a guaranteed way to add a touch of fun and interactivity to any office celebration.

How to create a birthday video greeting card for FREE 

Create a video card
Make a birthday video greeting card

Creating a custom video birthday greeting card for your colleagues or employees is a breeze with GiftLips. 

This free online greeting card maker allows you to create thoughtful cards completely free of charge.

Follow these simple steps to fashion your own personalized greetings using GiftLips:

  1. Go to GiftLips and pick your preferred card template design. You can also choose to upload your custom picture for a more personalized greeting card.
  2. Add your personalized message to the card and proceed to the next step.
  3. Upload or record videos to include in your card.
  4. I invite colleagues for collaboration if desired.
  5. Click “Done Uploading” to preview your creation.
  6. Finally, download your video gift for printing and distribution among your office community.

With GiftLips, expressing birthday wishes in the office has never been more engaging or hassle-free.

GiftLips for every celebration: birthdays and beyond

GiftLips isn't just for birthdays. 

This versatile online cardmaker can be your go-to tool for celebrating any special occasion in the office.

Here's how to get creative with GiftLips for different events:

Birthday Bonanza

Forget boring cards – birthdays are your chance to throw a digital party with GiftLips. 

Unleash your creativity with fun, festive, and free printable greeting cards online. 

Add a hilarious group photo from a past office outing, guaranteed to bring back happy memories. Want to take it up a notch? 

Throw in a funny GIF referencing an inside joke – that shared laughter is sure to make their day.

Record a personalized video message singing (off-key renditions welcome!) or simply sending warm wishes. GiftLips makes birthday celebrations they won't forget.

New hires 

Instead of just a handshake, make a new team member feel truly welcome with a personalized video greeting card. You can even pair it with a small token of appreciation.

This simple gesture can be a fun way to boost employee engagement and create a positive first impression.

Choose a friendly template, add a funny team photo to break the ice, and create a video message introducing themselves and welcoming the new member to the team.


Recognize a colleague's well-deserved promotion with a celebratory card. 

Use a professional yet celebratory template and add a photo of them at their desk (looking powerful!)

Then, create a video message from the team congratulating them and expressing excitement for their future contributions.

Work anniversaries

Is it time to celebrate a milestone?

Show your appreciation for your colleague's oyalty and dedication with a personalized video message card, the perfect way to acknowledge their contributions.

Pick a template that reflects their time at the company, including a montage of photos capturing their journey.  

Record a video message thanking them for their hard work and wishing them many more successful years at the company.

Landing a big deal

Landing a big deal is a moment for the entire team to celebrate. It's a testament to the hard work, dedication, and teamwork that goes into securing success.

Design a card with a celebratory theme like a champagne toast, add a photo of the team high-fiving, and create a video message congratulating everyone involved and expressing excitement for future achievements.

Newborn arrivals

Welcome a new team member to the world with an adorable card. 

Use a baby-themed template, add a photo of the proud parent (if they're comfortable sharing), and create a welcome newborn baby wishes video message from the team congratulating and well-wishing the new family.

Additional tips for using GiftLips in the office

Group collaboration

GiftLips isn't just for solo greetings! Use its collaborative features to create a truly heartwarming card. 

Simply share a special link with your colleagues, allowing everyone to contribute messages, photos, or even short video clips. 

This is a fantastic way to create group promotion greeting cards filled with well wishes and shared memories, guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient's face.

Timing is everything

GiftLips lets you schedule your greetings in advance. No more scrambling to remember a last-minute birthday!  

You can set birthday schedules by clicking your profile icon and clicking My Address book.  

By customizing your Address Book settings, you can choose to receive these reminders and ensure you never miss a colleague's special day.  

This way, you can create a heartfelt birthday video card and schedule it for the perfect moment, showing them you care.

Etiquette reminders

Remember, workplace etiquette still applies even with electronic cards. Keep your message appropriate for a professional setting and avoid overly personal content. 

It's also important to be inclusive – ensure everyone who would typically contribute to a traditional card has the opportunity to participate in the digital version.

Celebrate milestones with personalized greetings

With GiftLips, you can create personalized greetings that go beyond the ordinary. 

From hilarious birthday videos to heartfelt anniversary messages, GiftLips lets you add a special touch that shows you truly care.

Don't wait any longer – give GiftLips a try today and upgrade your office greetings to new heights of personalization and creativity.

Frequently asked questions

What are some ideas for greeting?

Formal: Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening.
Informal: Hi, what's up?
Time-specific: Good morning/afternoon/evening.
Situational: Welcome! Congratulations!
Other languages: Bonjour (French), Hola (Spanish).
Creative: Top of the morning! Howdy! Personalize with names or common ground!

What are online greetings?

Online greetings are how you say hello or show acknowledgment online. Depending on the situation (social media, email, forums), they can be casual (“Hi!”) or formal (“Dear [Name]”). You can also use emojis or even animated GIFs for a more creative touch.

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